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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  1. Player: Any advice for an advanced crafter?
    • Crafting tutor: At high levels, you will want to focus on jewellery. Collect gems and gold to make the various useful necklaces, amulets and rings.
  2. Player: Tell me about different crafts.
    1. Player: Armour
      • Leather armour can be crafted from cow hide which tanners can turn into leather. This is good armour for the starting ranger and not bad for melee combat either.
      • For the armour you will need to kill cows and collect their hide. You'll also need a little bit of cash to get them tanned by a tanner, there's one over in Al Kharid. This will turn the hide into soft leather.
      • Next you will need some thread and a needle, these can both be bought from a crafting shop, again, try Al Kharid for these items.
      • Player: Sounds like I'll need a bit of gold for this, is it best to stockpile cow hide first?
      • Crafting tutor: Yes indeed. When you have a full inventory, take it to the bank, you can find it on the roof of the castle in Lumbridge.
      • To find a bank, look for this symbol on your minimap after climbing the stairs of the Lumbridge Castle to the top. There are banks all over the world with this symbol.
    2. Player: Spinning and Pottery
      • Crafting tutor: Spinning is fairly easy, simply gather your wool from the sheep in the field using the shears sold in general stores, then click on the spinning wheel and you will be given a choice what to spin. Right-clicking on the choices will
      • Crafting tutor: allow you to make multiple spins and therefore save you time.
      • Crafting tutor: Now pottery, here's where you can use clay that you mine.
      • To find out more about mining look for this symbol south east of here in the Lumbridge swamp.
      • Crafting tutor: Once you have your clay, get yourself a jug or bucket of water and travel to a potter's wheel. You can find one in the Barbarian village west of Varrock.
      • Use the clay on the bucket of water by first clicking on the clay, then on the bucket of water. This also works with a jug of water. You will get soft clay. Using the soft clay on the potter's wheel you will get a choice of
      • What you wish to make. Right-click on the items to make multiples. Lastly, use the unfired item on a Pottery Oven to fire it hard.
    3. Player: Jewellery
      • Crafting tutor: Sparkly gems can be made into rings, necklaces and amulets. Collect them whenever you can as they are quite rare! You'll also need bars of gold, see the mining tutor in the swamps south of here to find out how to
      • Crafting tutor: mine gold and the smithing apprentice near the furnace in Lumbridge to see how to smelt it into bars.
      • Purchase a chisel and a mould from a crafting store, there is one in Al Kharid.
      • Use a chisel on the uncut gem first to get a usable gem.
      • Use the gold on a furnace, you can find one here in Lumbridge. If you have a cut gem, a gold bar and a mould in your inventory, this will give you a choice of what to make.
      • Crafting tutor: To make just one, click once on the item you wish to make. To make more, right-click and choose the amount.
      • Crafting tutor: It is a bit complicated... but I'm always here to ask about each step. Remember, Chisel to cut Gem, Gem and Mould in inventory. Use Gold bar on Furnace.
    4. Player: Teach me crafting
  3. Player: Goodbye.

30+ Crafting[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello.
  • Crafting tutor: Hello there! Are you interested in hearing all about crafting?
    • Player: How can I train my crafting?
      • If the player has 99 crafting, otherwise skip this message.
      • Crafting tutor: I can't help but feel like I should be the one asking you! At this point, the world's your oyster!
      • Crafting tutor: If you wanted to try your hand at making some jewellery, you'll want to get your hand on some gold and some kind of gem, with a mould to work with and a chisel at hand.
      • Crafting tutor: But if that's not your thing, maybe you'd like to try making some more armour!
      • Crafting tutor: Cow's leather's a good place to start, but you can try all other kinds of hides, like a dragon's!
      • Crafting tutor: Glass blowing seems to be a popular trade, too. You can forge molten glass from some sand and soda ash, then make all kinds of things using a glass blowing pipe.
      • Player: Thanks!
      • Crafting tutor: Is there anything else you want to know?
    • Player: What kind of things can be crafted?
      • Crafting tutor: All kinds of things, really! You can make armour from leather, make some pottery, try your hand at glass blowing, make some jewellery, weapons even...
      • Crafting tutor: What would you like to hear about?
        • Player: Tell me about crafting armour.
          • Crafting tutor: Sure thing! Most armour you can craft just involves taking a needle and some thread to whatever material you can get your hands on.
          • Crafting tutor: You might like to try with different kinds of animal hide, from cows, yaks, snakes, dragons... Or any other sort of fabric you can find!
          • Crafting tutor: Some crafty types have started making some leather-covered wooden shields recently, too!
          • Crafting tutor: You might find some creatures make for a pretty sturdy helmet too. The best way to make something like that's just to take a good old chisel to it!
          • Player: That sounds great.
          • Crafting tutor: Would you like to hear about anything else I mentioned?
        • Player: Tell me about pottery.
          • Crafting tutor: Of course! Pottery's all kind of the same, it just takes a lot of getting used to.
          • Crafting tutor: All that there really is to it is getting your hands on some clay, getting it wet and getting to work on a potter's wheel.
          • Crafting tutor: Once you've got the shape you want out of it, you want to put it in a pottery oven to fire it up.
          • Crafting tutor: The barbarians west of Varrock seem to be pretty keen on their pottery. I'd take a look around there, if you wanted to try it out!
          • Crafting tutor: Once you get the hang of it, you can make pots, pie dishes, bowls... You know.
          • Player: Neat!
          • Crafting tutor: Would you like to hear about anything else I mentioned?
        • Player: Tell me about glass blowing
          • Crafting tutor: Glass blowing? Well, to get started you'll need to get yourself some molten glass. You can make some for yourself by heating sand and soda ash in a furnace.
          • Crafting tutor: Once you've got a hold of that, you'll want a glass blowing pipe to blow it out in to shape, before it cools down.
          • Crafting tutor: It's not the easiest thing to get to grips with, but it shouldn't be too difficult!
          • Player: Nifty.
          • Crafting tutor: Would you like to hear about anything else I mentioned?
        • Player: Tell me about making jewellery.
          • Crafting tutor: Sure. All it boils down to is a bar of gold or silver, some kind of cut gem if you're feeling fancy, and a mould to help shape the thing.
          • Crafting tutor: You can use a chisel to make a gem really shine and sparkle. You wouldn't want to use an uncut one for any jewellery.
          • Crafting tutor: Once you've got all of your materials together, you'll want to use a furnace to actually craft whatever it is you're trying to make!
          • Crafting tutor: Wizards seem to like enchanting their jewellery to do all kinds of things, too, but I don't know a lot about that.
          • Player: Sounds good!
          • Crafting tutor: Would you like to hear about anything else I mentioned?
        • Player: Tell me about crafting weapons.
          • Crafting tutor: Well, there aren't too many weapons that people tend to craft, but there are a couple worth noting!
          • Crafting tutor: Battlestaves are probably the most common. It boils down to fastening an orb of some kind onto the end of a battlestaff.
          • Crafting tutor: You do need to get the orb in the first place, though... You can make one through glass blowing, bit it's not much use without being charged.
          • Crafting tutor: I can't help much with crafting it, though! There's a little more magic involved there than I'm familiar with.
          • Crafting tutor: Aside from battlestaves, there are a couple of weapons that people like to make from silver... Sickles and bolts, usually.
          • Player: Interesting...
          • Crafting tutor: Would you like to hear about anything else I mentioned?
        • Player: Not right now. (Appears after "Would you like to hear about anything else I mentioned")
    • Player: No, thank you.