Transcript of Creature keeper's journal

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These scavengers are fascinating. I have read of similar things in the tales of the seafaring folk, who described voyages to distant lands where scuttling creatures called 'skavids' lurked in dark caves, stealing food and shiny objects from nearby settlements.

Our scavengers may be a related branch of the species, though there is no sign of any intelligence here.

Nevertheless, the larger scavengers have a degree of brute strength, and I envisage they could be useful as warriors if they can be suitably trained.

First I must teach my scavengers to obey me. I will begin by making them dependent upon me for food, so that I can use food to reward obedience.

I have collected a supply of cavern grub cocoons, to provide a fresh supply of grubs for my scavengers. These are securely locked away, so that the scavenger cannot obtain them for itself.

Next, I began to feed a large scavenger with the grubs. I have fed it daily in its food trough; it no longer even thinks of going scavenging for itself, so it is becoming completely dependent on me.

Soon I will begin to send it into battle against the other creatures that roam these caves, and teach it that it must fight if it wants to be fed.

This technique of instilling dependency is marvellous. If I can make it work on scavengers, consider how it could be applied to a wider range of minions. Perhaps one day I could even apply it to the citizens of Kourend, if we can ever return to the kingdom, by taking administrative control of all means of production so that the citizens are fed only at the 'benign' hand of their masters. This may prove a more effective means of control then the brutish methods that failed us before. But that is a consideration for another day.

Meanwhile I have found some lizardmen in this cave that look like a suitable combat challenge for my scavenger - unfortunately the creatures saw me, and they attacked immediately.

I had no trouble retreating, though I have begun to feel unwell since the incident; I do hope their spit has not infected me.