Transcript of Dark journal

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Our exploration of the caves is complete, and has been a success.

Our lord's followers have dwindled in number, it is true. Few of us who shared his exile from Kourend are still alive to serve him today.

Many fell to the perils of the cave; they were weak, and our lord teaches us that the weak should expect no other fate.

Others forced our lord to discipline them, some for outright treachery, some for other failings. Let them remain in this cave as a testament to the supremacy of our lord!

Our lord has graciously appointed me as his new High priest, and I shall endeavour to be a more worthy servant than my vain predecessor.

Nevertheless, though our party was reduced in numbers, our lord has led us to victory over the Guardian in the Deep, and has seized the power that he sought.

Now we make our camp in the Guardian's chamber, among the skulls of its former prey.

Although I doubt it has been permanently killed, the Guardian will not trouble anyone again for a long time.

The weapons and armour that we have developed in the caves can stay here, in this place of safety. As our lord now wields power over the crystals of the cave, he intends to create a secure seal around our store. He says it would take an earthquake to shatter it!

I am truly awestruck by the power that our lord now wields. If we were to return to Kourend, as he originally planned, I have no doubt that we would regain our former dominion over the kingdom with very little effort.

However, while our lord remains as secretive as ever - in fact, he has become more so after the treachery of our former followers - I sense he has a new plan in mind.

Perhaps the throne of Kourend has become too small a trophy to satisfy the ambitions of Lord Xeric.