Dialogue for Darkmeyer Slave (non-interactive)

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Overhead dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Before attempting to run past the Flame Statues:
    • Darkmeyer Slave: How am I supposed to get past this?
  • When getting hit by the Flames:
    • Darkmeyer Slave: Gah!
  • After making past the Flame Statues:
    • A random overhead dialogue will be selected every time they speak:
      • Dialogue 1
        • Darkmeyer Slave: Hopefully I'll make it out of Darkmeyer one day.
      • Dialogue 2
        • Darkmeyer Slave: Phew, I made it! Time for a break.
      • Dialogue 3
        • Darkmeyer Slave: Thank Saradomin that mysterious stranger gave me this ring or I'd be toast!
      • Dialogue 4
        • Darkmeyer Slave: That trap was harder than I thought! Perhaps I'm not cut out for this.