Dialogue for David (Varrock Museum)

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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • David: Hello, young adventurer. What brings you to the Museum's paleontology floor?
    • Player: What's paleontology?
      • David: I'm glad you asked! Paleontology is the study of prehistoric lifeforms in Gielinor through the examination of fossils.
      • David: We use fossils to try determine several things: information about what fossil belonged to, what the environment was like, and try to uncover secrets of Gielinor's past.
      • David: What else would you like to know?
    • Player: Where do these fossils come from?
      • David: Ah, brilliant question. Fossils of creatures are found in sedimentary rock, we use specialised tools to carefully remove the unwanted rock only leaving only the fossil behind.
      • David: If you're looking for fossils yourself, there are new types of fossil to discover on an island others are calling 'fossil island'.
      • David: Is there anything else you need help with?
    • Player: What can I do with these fossils?
      • David: Any fossils you find can be added to the surrounding display cases.
      • David: If you manage to complete display case, the Museum will ensure you are rewarded for your efforts.
      • David: Also, if you find any rare fossils on your travels, make sure you hold onto them. Something tells me they will be very valuable in the future...
      • David: Do you have any other questions?
    • Player: What can you tell me about some of the fossil displays?
      • David: It looks like the Museum doesn't have any complete fossil displays yet. I could only speculate on what they will contain.
    • Player: Nevermind.

(End of dialogue)