Dialogue for Derse Venator

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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Player: You look ready for combat.
  • Derse Venator: Aye, indeed I am.
  • Player: What brings you to this place? I can't imagine anyone coming here by choice.
  • Derse Venator: You're right, I did not come here by choice. I came here for vengeance.
  • Player: Vengeance? Against whom? Did someone take your gardening equipment?
  • Derse Venator: My mission is not against another man and I will not have it mocked.
  • Player: Okay, sorry, I was just trying to lighten the mood. Care to tell me what it is against then?
  • Derse Venator: Callisto, the great bear of the wilderness.
  • If the player has not killed Callisto before:
    • Player: Can't say I've come across it before.
    • Derse Venator: I'm not surprised, you'd do well to avoid him. Callisto is a great bear, his strength and size enhanced by the corruption of the Wilderness.
      • (Continues below)
  • If the player has killed Callisto before:
    • Player: Ah, I've had a few run ins with him myself.
    • Derse Venator: Then you'll know he's not something to mock. I'm surprised you survived your encounter with such a great and corrupted beast.
    • Player: I'm stronger than I look, I've seen my fair share of monsters.
      • (Continues below)
  • Player: Why are you so intent on taking him down?
  • Derse Venator: Callisto killed my father. After hearing of a great beast in the heart of the Wilderness, he took it upon himself to bring him down.
  • Derse Venator: He left our family home in Hosidius to hunt it down and...
  • Derse Venator: ... I haven't seen my father since. I swore I would avenge him and have dedicated my whole life to training for that moment.
  • Player: What happens after? When you do take Callisto down that is.
  • Derse Venator: Oh... uh... I never thought about that...
  • Derse Venator: My whole life has been spent preparing to avenge my father, I never thought about anything else...
  • Player: You seem like you've got a lot to think about then. I'll leave you to it.
  • (End of dialogue)