Transcript of Eathram & rada extract

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The world didn't pass from Horatio to Eathram, yet still wisdom did not prevail. Through oppression Eathram stood up and, arm'd in naught but leather and steel, did he steal back the people. He doth cried, not full of mourning but with passion. Unto him was said, 'you are a man, a man of hope, a man of truth and innocence' and he was emboldened in his mission beforest.

'Wither now thee go, my lord?' was he asked, to which he replied, 'my future is ordained and my path has been shown unto me.' And arm'd with leather and steel he did leave.

And so his path led him, and other men to the place whence they would make a history.

First was Lord Pecule then Eathram, then the Elders Draben and Ferral and the young Svelgn.

'Welcome,' said Eathram to all and gave thanks for their presence and health unto this time. And so in such a place was the decision made. It was a just decision as they agreed and the one which would combat the evil they faced.

Ahead of 4 phalanx of spears and 100 knights did Eathram enter Kourend unopposed. The hope for his people and the fear for his enemies carried before him. Such force showed his might so much that the King could do naught but turn his sword upon his self.