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Dialogue 1[edit | edit source]

  • Eek: I bet you're a mighty hero!
  • Eek: <player name>! Hero-of-the-humans!
  • Eek: You are a mighty hero, aren't you? I bet you've slain dragons and all sorts of stuff.
  1. Player: That's right. I'm awesome!
    • Eek: I could be your sidekick! <player name> and Eek! We could have all sorts of adventures together!
    1. Player: Yes!
      • Eek: Yay! <player name> and Eek! We'll travel all over the world fighting for justice! And freedom! And things like that!
      • Eek: Come on, <player name>! Let's have an adventure!
    2. Player: No. It's too dangerous.
      • Eek : Aww.
      • Eek: You know best, though. You're so BRAVE putting yourself in danger all by yourself!
  2. Player: I'm not a great hero. I'm just an ordinary person.
    • Eek: Aww. I bet you'll be a mighty hero someday, though.
    1. Player: Yes, I'm trying to advance myself.
      • Eek the Spider: Brilliant! You can do it! Come on, let's have an adventure!
    2. Player: I don't know. I'm not very ambitious.
      • Eek: Aww...well...never mind.

Dialogue 2[edit | edit source]

  • Eek: Hey, you've only got four legs. How do you manage? Don't you fall over?
  1. Player: Actually, I've only got two legs.
    • Eek: Someone has stolen your legs! This is a DISASTER!
    • Eek: We've got to catch the leg thief!
    1. Player: No one stole my legs.
      • Eek: You gave your legs away?
      • Eek: That is so heroic...giving your legs away to someone without legs.
      • Eek: You're my hero!
    2. Player: They're probably long gone by now.
      • Eek: You're right. They probably used the machine to give themselves really long running-away type legs. We'll never catch them now.
  2. Player: Oh, it's not so bad.
    • Eek: Then again, your legs are much longer than mine.
    • Eek: How's you get such long legs? Do you have some kind of leg-extending machine?
    • Eek: Where is the leg-extending machine? I want to use it!
    1. Player: There is no leg-extending machine.
      • Eek: You would say that! You want to keep it for yourself!
      • Eek: Well that's okay. Maybe I don't even need your leg-extending machine!
      • Eek: I can do special leg-stretching exercises! Make my legs longer naturally! No artificial legs for me!
      • Eek: You just wait! Soon I'll have the best legs ever!
    2. Player: You can't use it. It's broken.
      • Eek: Oh! I wouldn't want to use it if it's broken.
      • Eek: It might malfunction and give me tiny, tiny legs! Like a slug, only with tiny legs!
      • Eek: Or it might make some legs longer than others so I wouldn't be able to walk and I'd fall over!
      • Eek: That would be TERRIBLE!
      • Eek: I'd better keep away from that machine!

Dialogue 3[edit | edit source]

  • Eek: Hey, are you scared of spiders?
  1. Player: Yes, I'm scared of spiders.
    • Eek: Oh no! I'm sorry!
    • Eek: I've got to try not to be scary.
    • Eek: You should just pretend I'm not a spider! Like, maybe I'm an eight-legged mouse!
    • Eek the Eight-Legged Mouse: Hello, I'm an eight legged mouse! Squeak squeak squeak, I like cheese, cats are bad, I'm definitely not a spider.
    • Eek the Eight-Legged Mouse: Is that better?
    1. Player: You still look like a spider.
      • Eek the Eight-Legged Mouse: A spider? Oh no! I'm scared of spiders!
    2. Player: That's much better.
      • Eek the Eight-Legged Mouse: Yay! I'll be an eight-legged mouse forever until I forget.
      • Eek the Eight-Legged Mouse: ...
      • Eek: You know what? It's great being a spider.
  2. Player: No, I'm not scared of spiders.
    • Eek: Not even a bit?
    • Eek: I bet I can make you scared of spiders!
    • Eek: Boo! Raaar! I'm a scary spider!
    • Eek: Next time you go to sleep I'm going to crawl on your face and EAT YOUR EYEBALLS!
    1. Player: I'm still not scared.
      • Eek: Oh, wow! Even I was scared of me when I said that!
      • Eek: You're so brave! I bet you're not scared of anything!
    2. Player: That was a bit scary.
      • Eek: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I made you scared of me! I made you scared of me!
      • Eek It's okay, I'm not really going to eat your eyeballs. Spiders don't do that.
      • Eek: Well...I don't think they do.

Dialogue 4[edit | edit source]

  • Eek: I'm going to learn how to fly! I'm going to be a flying spider!
  1. Player: How are you going to fly?
    • Eek: I'm going to spin webs between my legs to make wings! Then I can fly!
    1. Player: Let's try it now!
      • Eek: Um...okay! I'll spin the webs...and then you throw me in the air.
      • Eek: Okay. Three...
      • Eek: Two...
      • Eek: One...
      • Eek: Wait! I'm not ready!
      • Eek: I don't think I've got the webs right. I'm not ready yet. We'll do it another time.
    2. Player: Sounds dangerous.
      • Eek: It's not dangerous! What's the worst that could happen?
      • Eek: The worst that can happen is, like, the wings fail and I fall to my death.
      • Eek: Or I get eaten by a bird.
      • Eek: I'm going to rethink this.
  2. Player: Spiders can't fly!
    • Eek: Some spiders can fly! They use web strands to float in the air!
    • Eek: I think I know more about spiders than you, seeing how I am one!
    1. Player: I'm sorry, Eek.
      • Eek: That's okay.
      • Eek: I don't want to fly now. I'm not in the mood.
    2. Player: I don't believe you.
      • Eek: I don't care. I'm not talking to you any more.

Dialogue 5[edit | edit source]

  • Eek: Hey...there are so many humans in your world.
  • Eek: Back in my old web there are only spiders.
  • Eek: Suppose I was bitten by a magically-irradiated man?
  • Eek: I might become the Man-Spider! I'd gain all the powers of a man! Like um...
  • Eek: Um...what can humans do that's special?
  1. Player: Walk on two legs.
    • Eek: Walk on two legs! Yes! Then I could use my other six legs to FIGHT CRIME!
  2. Player: Use tools.
    • Eek: Yes! I could have all sorts of gadgets! Like a gadget that spins webs!
    • Eek: Wait...I can already spin webs.
    • Eek: Never mind!
  3. Player: Project heat-rays from our eyes.
    • Eek: Oh! I didn't know humans could do that!
    • Eek: Please don't fry me with your heat rays!
    • Eek: I'm too young to fry!
  4. Player: Nothing, really. Humans are pretty ordinary.
    • Eek: Aww, don't say that. Everyone is special!