Transcript of Ernest the Chicken

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This transcript involves dialogue with Veronica, Professor Oddenstein, and the player.

Veronica's Request[edit | edit source]

  • Veronica: Can you please help me? I'm in a terrible spot of trouble.
  • Aha, sounds like a quest. I'll help.
    • Veronica: Yes yes, I suppose it is a quest. My fiance Ernest and I came upon this house. Seeing as we were a little lost Ernest decided to go in and ask for directions.
    • Veronica: That was an hour ago. That house looks spooky, can you go and see if you can find him for me?
    • Player: Ok, I'll see what I can do.
    • Veronica: Thank you, thank you. I'm very grateful.
  • No, I'm looking for something to kill.
    • (NPC transcript)

The Mad Scientist[edit | edit source]

Professor Oddenstein: Be careful in here, there's lots of dangerous equipment.

  • I'm looking for a guy called Ernest.
    • Professor Oddenstein: Ah Ernest, top notch bloke. He's helping me with my experiments.
    • Player: So you know where he is then?
    • Professor Oddenstein: He's that chicken over there.
    • Player: Ernest is a chicken...? Are you sure?
    • Professor Oddenstein: Oh, he isn't normally a chicken, or at least he wasn't until he helped me test my pouletmorph machine. It was originally going to be called a transmutation machine. But after testing pouletmorph seems more appropriate.
      • I'm glad Veronica didn't actually get engaged to a chicken.
        • Professor Oddenstein: Who's Veronica?
        • Player: Ernest's fiancee. She probably doesn't want to marry a chicken.
        • Professor Oddenstein: Ooh I dunno. She could have free eggs for breakfast.
        • Player: I think you'd better change him back.
        • Professor Oddenstein: Umm... It's not so easy... My machine is broken, and the house gremlins have run off with some vital bits.
        • Player: Well I can look for them.
        • Professor Oddenstein: That would be a help. They'll be somewhere in the manor house or its grounds, the gremlins never get further than the entrance gate.
        • Professor Oddenstein: I'm missing the pressure gauge and a rubber tube. They've also taken my oil can, which I'm going to need to get this thing started again.
      • Change him back this instant!
Did not select this path

If yet to return parts :

  • Professor Oddenstein: Have you found anything yet?
  • Player: I'm afraid I don't have any of them yet!
  • Professor Oddenstein: I need a rubber tube, a pressure gauge and a can of oil. Then your friend can stop being a chicken.
    • What does this machine do?
      • Professor Oddenstein: Nothing at the moment... It's broken. It's meant to be a transmutation machine.
      • Professor Oddenstein: It has also spent time as a time travel machine, and a dramatic lightning generator, and a thing for generating monsters.
    • Is this your house?
      • Professor Oddenstein: No, I'm just one of the tenants. It belongs to the count who lives in the basement.

The Pressure Gauge[edit | edit source]

  • You poison the fish food.
  • You pour the poisoned fish food into the fountain.
  • The piranhas start eating the food...
  • ... then die and float to the surface
  • You get the pressure gaugde from the fountain.
  • Player: There seems to be a pressure gauge in here...
  • Player: ... and a lot of dead fish.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

  • Professor Oddenstein: Have you found anything yet?
  • Player: I have everything!
  • Professor Oddenstein: Give 'em here then.
    • You give the rubber tube, a pressure gauge, and a can of oil to the professor.
    • Oddenstein starts up the machine.
    • The machine hums and shakes.
    • Machine pouletmorphs Earnest back to human form!
      • Ernest: Thank you sir. It was dreadfully irritating being a chicken. How can I ever thank you?
      • Player: Well a reward is always nice...
      • Ernest: Of course, of course.
        • Ernest hands you 300gp
        • Congratulations! Quest complete!