Dialogue for Fairy

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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

A random dialogue will be selected every time Fairy is spoken to:

  • Dialogue 1
    • Fairy: Have you got any idea where Burthorpe is? The co- ordinator says I need to go there and paint all the leaves yellow, but I've never heard of that place!
    • (End of dialogue)
  • Dialogue 2
    • Fairy: Be careful when you pick mushrooms near the strange ruins to the south. Some of them will try to eat you!
    • (End of dialogue)
  • Dialogue 3
    • Fairy: Err, hello. Do you have any idea what a Winter Fairy actually does?
    • Player: No, no idea at all.
    • Fairy: Oh, pity. Neither do I, but I'm supposed to be one this week.
    • (End of dialogue)
  • Dialogue 4
    • Fairy: Sorry, I can't talk I'm looking for Sarah-Jane!
    • (End of dialogue)
  • Dialogue 5
    • Fairy: Is your name Freddie, and are you loosing your teeth?
    • Player: Err, no. I'm afraid not.
    • Fairy: Oh, right.
    • Fairy: You don't have any idea where I can find him do you?
    • Player: No, I don't know that either.
    • Fairy: Oh, ok then. If you do find out please let me know. The co-ordinator has sent me to find him.
    • (End of dialogue)
  • Dialogue 6
    • Fairy: I'm afraid I can't stop to chat. I've just been told to get ready to go to Etceteria for some reason or other!
    • (End of dialogue)
  • Dialogue 7
    • Fairy: Picking mushrooms near the forge will probably end quite badly for you.
    • (End of dialogue)