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Reason: Tell me about different fish.
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This transcript involves dialogue with Fishing tutor and the player.
  • Can you teach me the basics of fishing please?
    • Fishing tutor: I see you already have a net.
    • Fishing tutor: Ahoy, to fish, you click on the shrimp fishin' spot while ye'r carrying a net.
    • Player: I see... is that it?
    • Fishing tutor: There's far more as you progress - not just shrimps. You get more equipment, bigger fish and other things too...
    • Fishing tutor: When you have a full inventory, you can cook it or take it to the bank. You can find a bank on the roof of the castle in Lumbridge and a cookin' range in the castle kitchen.
  • Tell me about different fish.
    • Small Net Fish
    • Rod and Fly Fishing
    • Tell me about...
  • Where and what should I fish?
    • Fishing tutor: A young and enthusiastic fisher. Try south of Draynor Village or the pier on the island of Karamja to fish for Shrimp at level 1 or Sardines at level 5. Aye, me parrot concurs.
    • Player: What parrot?
    • Fishing tutor: Me parrot Percy on me shoulder thar! Arr!
    • Player: Oookay...sure, a parrot, on your shoulder.
    • Fishing tutor: Arrr!
  • Goodbye.