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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Gadrin: Welcome to the Mining Guild. My name's Gadrin and I'm the Guildmaster. Can I help you with anything?
  1. Player: What have you got in the guild?
    • Gadrin: All sorts of things! There's plenty of coal rocks along with some iron, mithril and adamantite as well.
    • Gadrin: Deeper in the guild you'll find even more rocks including some runite! The best bit though is our amethst mine, the only one in the land!
    • Gadrin: There's no better mining site anywhere!
  2. Player: What do you dwarves do with the ore you mind?
    • Gadrin: What do you think? We smelt it into bars, smith the metal to make armour and weapons, then we exchange them for goods and services.
    • Player: I don't see many dwarves selling armour or weapons here.
    • Gadrin: No, this is only a mining outpost. We dwarves don't much like to settle in human cities. Most of the ore is carted off to Keldagrim, the great dwarven city. They've got a special blast furnace up there - it makes
    • Gadrin: smelting the ore so much easier. There are plenty of dwarven traders working in Keldagrim. Anyway, can I help you with anything else?
  3. Option changes depending on whether or not a player has 99 Mining
    • If the player does not have 99 Mining:
      • Player: Can you tell me about your skillcape?
        • Gadrin: Sure, this is a Skillcape of Mining. It shows my stature as a master miner! It has all sorts of uses including a skill boost to my Mining skill and a chance of mining extra ores. When you get to level 99 come and talk to
        • Gadrin: me and I'll sell you one.
        • Gadrin: Is there anything else I can help you with?
    • If the player does have 99 Mining:
      • Player: I believe I can buy a Skillcape of Mining from you?
        • Gadrin: You believe right, miner. You have earned the right to wear one and when you do you'll have a small chance of finding an exta ore, but I'll need 99000 coins from you first.
          1. Player: Sorry, that's overpriced.
            • Gadrin: I'm sorry you feel that way; come back if you change your mind.
          2. Player: Okay then.
            • Gadrin: Thanks very much, master miner.
  4. Player: No thanks, I'm fine.