Dialogue for General Vir

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Standard Dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Are you the General?
  • General Vir: Yes. Is there something important you need? We're currently quite occupied.
  • Player: Oh yeah?
  • General Vir: Yes... We're currently attacking the Lizardmen, are you blind?!
  • Player: I just wanted a chat.
  • General Vir: Who let you into this camp? GET OUT!
  • Player: No need to shout. I guess I'm not wanted here.
  • General Vir: You are correct! Unless you plan to help with the war effort, you should leave. Now.
  • Player: Hmph, you need to work on your people skills.
  • General Vir: You need to leave.
  • Player: Bye.
  • (End of dialogue)