Dialogue for Historian Duffy

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  • Player: Hello. What are you doing here?
  • Historian Duffy: Duffy's the name. I'm a natural historian from Varrock Museum. My team and I are here to explore this mountain.
  • Player: It's just an old mountain isn't it? What natural history are you hoping to find here?
  • Historian Duffy: Bahaha, you adventurers are all the same, never seeing past the fights and treasure...
  • Historian Duffy: This Mountain is steeped in natural history, but our main focus is to study the lizard creatures that surround this area.
  • Player: You're studying lizardmen?
  • Historian Duffy: Indeed, they're a fascinating species! We're hoping to learn about their origins and how they've evolved.
  • Historian Duffy: However, we're not very familiar with this region so we've enlisted the help of the Kourend Grand Library to aid us in our research.
  • Player: What have you learned so far?
  • Historian Duffy: Well, we have a theory that lizard creatures aren't natural at all, but were created by dark magical experiments.
  • Historian Duffy: Right now we're looking for evidence to prove this theory, but's it's proving somewhat difficult.
  • Player: Can I help at all?
  • Historian Duffy: No thanks adventurer, natural history studies are delicate and precise... but if we ever need something haphazardly destroyed we'll let you know.
  • Player: Not all adventurers only care about fighting, you know... I was only offering to help.
  • Historian Duffy: We don't need your help. Run along now, go and play in the dungeons with the other adventurers. I hear they're full of monsters to fight!
  • Historian Duffy: Try not to get yourself killed, it would be such a tragedy!

After completion of Tale of the Righteous:

  • Player: How are things going?
  • Historian Duffy: Good thanks. Now that we've found this cave, we're learning more about the Lizardmen than ever before.