Dialogue for Jack Seagull

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This transcript involves dialogue with Jack Seagull, Longbow Ben, and the player.

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Jack Seagull: Arrr, matey!
  • Longbow Ben: Yo ho ho!
  • Player: So are you pirates?
  • Longbow Ben: Aye laddie, that we are.
  • Jack Seagull: Aye, that we be.
  • Longbow Ben: Nay, always ye say it wrong! Tis 'we are', not 'we be'.
  • Jack Seagull: I be a pirate, not a scurvy schoolmaster!
  • Longbow Ben: Ye be a fool, and a disgrace to piracy.
  • Jack Seagull: Now ye be saying 'be' too!
  • Longbow Ben: Arrr! Tis thy fault.
  • Player: I think I'll leave you two to sort it out.
  • (End of dialogue)