Dialogue for Jeed

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  • His dialogue is purely randomized, so expect to see the following interactions:
  1. Player: Hi!
    • Jeed: Ooh. This is exciting!
    • Player: Yup!
  2. Player: Hi!
    • Jeed: I wouldn't want to be the poor guy that has to clean up after the duels.
    • Player: Me neither.
  3. Player: Hi!
    • Jeed: My son just won his first duel!
    • Player: Congratulations!
    • Jeed: He ripped his opponent in half!
    • Player: That's gotta hurt!
    • Jeed: He's only 10 as well!
    • Player: You gotta start 'em young!
  4. Player: Hi!
    • Jeed: Hmph.
  5. Player: Hi!
    • Jeed: My favourite fighter is Mubariz!
    • Player: The guy at the information kiosk?
    • Jeed: Yeah! He rocks!
    • Player: Takes all sorts, I guess.
  6. Player: Hi!
    • Jeed: Hi! I'm here to watch the duels!
    • Player: Me too!
  7. Player: Hi!
    • Jeed: Did you know they think this place dates back to the second age?!
    • Player: Really?
    • Jeed: Yeah. The guy at the information kiosk was telling me.
  8. Player: Hi!
    • Jeed: Can't you see I'm watching the duels?
    • Player: I'm sorry!
  9. Player: Hi!
    • Jeed: Well. This beats doing the shopping!
  10. Player: Hi!
    • Jeed: Hi!
  11. Player: Hi!
    • Jeed: Knock knock!
    • Player: Who's there?
    • Jeed: Boo.
    • Player: Boo who?
    • Jeed: Don't cry, it's just me!
  12. Player: Hi!
    • Jeed: Why did the skeleton burp?
    • Player: I don't know?
    • Jeed: 'Cause it didn't have the guts to fart!
  13. Player: Hi!
    • Jeed: Waaaaassssssuuuuupp?!.