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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Juna: Tell me... a story...
    • Okay...
      • Player: Okay...
      • If the player does not have empty hands:
        • Juna: Perhaps you should empty your hands before you begin.
        • (End of dialogue)
      • You tell Juna some stories of your adventures.
      • A random dialogue will be selected from the list of stories below.
      • If the player has entered the cave less than 7 days ago:
        • Juna: Your stories have entertained me. But I will not permit any adventurer to access the tears more than once a week. Come back [tomorrow/in [amount] days].
        • (End of dialogue)
      • If the player has not gained at least 1 quest point or 100,000 experience since entering the cave:
        • <missing>
        • (End of dialogue)
      • If the player is eligible to enter the cave:
        • Juna: Your stories have entertained me. I will let you into the cave for a short time.
        • Juna: Collect as much as you can from the blue streams. If you let in water from the green streams, it will take away from the blue. For Guthix is god of balance, and balance lies in the juxtaposition of opposites.
        • The player enters the Tears of Guthix cave
    • You tell me a story.
      • Player: You tell me a story.
      • If the player has not asked Juna to tell them a story before:
        • Juna: The Third Age of the world was a time of great conflict, of destruction never seen before or since, when all the gods save Guthix warred for control.
        • Juna: The colossal Wyrms, of whom today's dragons are a pale reflection, turned all the sky to fire, while on the ground armies of foot soldiers, goblins and trolls and humans, filled the valleys and plains with blood.
        • Juna: In time the noise of the conflict woke Guthix from His deep slumber, and He rose and stood in the centre of the battlefield so that the splendour of His wrath filled the world, and He called for the conflict to cease!
        • Juna: Silence fell, for the gods knew that none could challenge the power of the mighty Guthix -- for His power is that of nature itself, to which all other things are subject, in the end.
        • Juna: Guthix reclaimed that which had been stolen from Him, and went back underground to return to His sleep and continue to draw the world's power into Himself.
        • Juna: But on His way into the depths of the earth He sat and rested in this cave; and, thinking of the battle-scarred desert that now stretched from one side of His world to the other, He wept.
        • Juna: And so great was His sorrow, and so great was His life- giving power, that the rocks themselves began to weep with Him.
        • Juna: Later, Guthix noticed that the rocks continued to weep, and that their tears were infused with a small part of His power.
        • Juna: So He set me, His servant, to guard the cave, and He entrusted to me the task of judging who was and was not worthy to access the tears.
        • (End of dialogue)
      • If the player has asked Juna to tell them a story once before:
        • Tell me about the Tears of Guthix
          • Player: Tell me about the Tears of Guthix.
          • (Same as above)
        • Tell me a new story.
          • Juna: Myriad and beautiful were the creatures and civilizations[sic] of the early ages of the world. Gielinor was a work of art, shaped lovingly over the millennia by the creative mind of Guthix.
          • Juna: Only the sturdiest races survived the Godwars, and even then only by abandoning their high culture and gearing their societies towards war. Of the more delicate races there is now no trace, and almost no memory.
          • Juna: One such race had bodies as fragile as snowflakes, yet they built crystal cities that stood for a thousand years.
          • Juna: The wind would whisper through the spires and fill them with sweet harmonies, and the rising sun would shine through the precious gems that studded the towers and create inter plays of light as if rainbows were dancing.
          • Juna: Indeed, so marvellous was this light-show at its height that the patterns of light themselves became alive, and great flocks of luminous creatures rode along the gem- cast beams, each drawn to its own colour.
          • Juna: The creatures you see floating in this chasm are the last sorry remnants of that age. I do not know how they made their way here and survived to this time, but I am grateful for their company.
          • (End of dialogue)
      • If the player has asked Juna to tell them a new story twice before:
        • Tell me about the Tears of Guthix
          • (Same as above)
        • Tell me about the light-creatures
          • Player: Tell me about the light-creatures.
          • (Same as above)
        • Tell me a new story.
          • Juna: Not long after the start of my vigil a party of goblins happened on my cave. These were the ugly brutes of the gods' armies, but their armour bore a faded patch where the symbol of a god had been removed.
          • Juna: They looked around hesitantly, squinting in the light of crude torches, but as soon as they saw me they raised their spears and charged.
          • Juna: No one may access the Tears of Guthix by force. I sent them tumbling into the chasm.
          • Juna: Two hundred years later another goblin found me. This one was unarmed, and although she was very wary I succeeded in engaging her in conversation.
          • Juna: Since then I have had many more visits from the descendants of those lost warriors, and over the centuries I have seen them change.
          • Juna: They have become timid rather than aggressive, and I have seen the light of intelligence grow in their bulging eyes.
          • Juna: Their stories are repetitive and grim, of scraping a living out of the harsh rock and through ingenuity and toil shaping it into a home.
          • Juna: I have followed the progress of their race, but their individual stories hold little interest for me.
          • (End of dialogue)
      • If the player has asked Juna to tell them a new story thrice before:
        • Tell me about the Tears of Guthix
          • (Same as above)
        • Tell me about the light-creatures
          • (Same as above)
        • Tell me about the Cave Goblins
          • Player: Tell me about the Cave Goblins.
          • (Same as above)
    • If the player has turned off the weekly reminders:
      • I'd like to receive messages prompting me to return here.
        • Player: I'd like to receive messages prompting me to return here.
        • Juna: Very well, when you are eligible to drink from the Tears, you shall be reminded daily.
        • (End of dialogue)
    • If the player has turned on the weekly reminders:
      • I don't want any messages reminding me to return here.
        • Player: I don't want any messages reminding me to return here.
        • Juna: Very well, it will be up to you to remember when you can return. It is good that you are willing to take responsibility for yourself in this way.
        • (End of dialogue)
    • Not now.
      • Player: Not now.
      • (End of dialogue)

List of stories[edit | edit source]

Quest Story ending Juna's reply
Animal Magnetism ... so Ava's devices can retrieve ammunition for me when I'm ranging, using the power of the magnet and the undead chicken. A magnet and an undead chicken? Really? (to which the player responds It's useful.)
Another Slice of H.A.M. ... and the Dorgeshuun city is now connected to Keldagrim by a rapid train line. I am always glad to hear tales of the Dorgeshuun.
The Ascent of Arceuus ... and with the device destroyed, the people of Arceuus were safe.
Between a Rock... ... I had to be shot out of a cannon into a rock! But finally I banished the spirit of the rock and Dondakan could mine his gold.
Big Chompy Bird Hunting ... Poor Rantz was so clumsy he couldn't shoot anything! But I managed to kill the Chompy Bird.
Biohazard ... So it turned out there was no plague after all! Deception of the people by their rulers is a terrible thing.
Black Knights' Fortress ... So in the end the Black Knights were defeated by cabbage! One should never underestimate the uses of the vegetables of Guthix.
Bone Voyage ... and that's how I got the archaeologists to Fossil Island!
Cabin Fever ... So I holed the enemy ship with another cannon shot, and the Adventurous sailed triumphantly into Mos Le'Harmless!
Client of Kourend ... but Veos had no idea what was going on. He'd been controlled remotely by his mysterious client the whole time!
Clock Tower ... So it was I who repaired the clock tower.
Cold War ... so I told Larry about the penguins' plot! The paranoia and ambition of the penguins' leaders will not serve their people well.
Cook's Assistant ... and in the end I found all the ingredients, so the Duke of Lumbridge had a birthday cake after all. Ah, a happy ending. It would not be good for such an anniversary to go unmarked.
Contact! ... and after I'd defeated the giant scarab, the High Priest gave me a reward lamp to teach me more combat skills.
The Corsair Curse ... where Captain Tock thanked me profusely for solving the mysterious 'curse' and killing the traitor.
Creature of Fenkenstrain ... But in the end I stopped Fenkenstrain from continuing his horrible experiments. With the power to create life comes responsibility. I see that Fenkenstrain was not up to the task.
Darkness of Hallowvale ... I gave Safalaan the book on Haemalchemy, and he recommended me for a position on the Myreque. I am sure you will have many more adventures on behalf of the Myreque. Then, perhaps, you will have even more stories to tell me.
Death Plateau ... So from then on the Imperial Guard was able to access Death Plateau safely and take the trolls by surprise.
Death to the Dorgeshuun ... Sigmund escaped again, but Zanik and I destroyed the machine and Dorgesh-Kaan was saved! Zanik still has her destiny to fulfil, and I have a feeling you will have a part in that.
Demon Slayer ... So I destroyed the demon Delrith and saved Varrock! I remember Delrith. A most unpleasant character; I am glad he has been dispatched.
The Depths of Despair ... and I returned the Royal Accord of Twill to Lord Hosidius.
Desert Treasure ... In the pyramid I discovered a whole new set of magic spells! I suggest you think about the origin of those spells. Ancient magics are not to be toyed with.
Devious Minds ... So it was me who accidentally brought a teleport beacon onto Entrana! But the Temple Knights are investigating so it should be all right.
The Dig Site ... and the examiner was very impressed that I had discovered an ancient altar of Zaros. Zaros? I had not heard that name for a thousand years even before the start of my sojourn here.
Doric's Quest ... So once I had got all the ores he wanted, Doric let me use his anvils. Such a small task hardly seems worthy of the term 'quest'.
Dragon Slayer ... So with Elvarg the dragon dead, the master of the Champions' Guild let me in, and I was able to wear Rune Plate!
Dragon Slayer II ... so I slew the dragon which killed the dragonkin as well. Not everyone survived the fight though. The dragonkin once brought this world to the brink of ruin. It is good you stopped them from doing so again.
Dream Mentor ... so Cyrisus was free of his fear of combat, and he headed off to be an adventurer. Fear is the most insidious enemy of all.
Druidic Ritual ... So Kaqemeex taught me how to use the Herblore skill. A generous reward indeed.
Dwarf Cannon ... and that was how I fixed the Dwarf multicannon. So war still rages in the world above? Will you never tire of creating machines of destruction?
Eadgar's Ruse ... Eadgar's ruse was absurd, but it worked! The trolls ate a fake human, and I got the herb for the druids' ritual.
Eagles' Peak ... so Nickolaus taught me how to catch a new ferret for the zoo.
Elemental Workshop I ... and once I had repaired the Elemental Workshop I was able to make an Elemental Shield.
Elemental Workshop II ... so I instilled the power of my mind into the primed bar and smithed it into an Elemental Mind Helm!" You should be careful about meddling with your own head.
Enakhra's Lament ... and then Akthanakos and Enakhra went away to the north to continue fighting! A battle between two such powerful beings will take much time and unleash much energy. I hope that the natural world is not damaged in this conflict!
Enlightened Journey ... so we landed the balloon in Taverley, and Auguste thanked me for helping him get his idea off the ground.
Ernest the Chicken ... So once I had found all the parts for the machine, poor Ernest could be himself once more. That was a good deed. It is a terrible thing to be locked out of one's natural form.
The Eyes of Glouphrie ... the machine revealed that the cute creatures were actually Arposandran spies! I destroyed them, and King Narnode gave me a crystal seed that belonged to Oaknock the Engineer.
Fairytale I - Growing Pains ... So I defeated the tanglefoot and returned the Fairy Queen's Enchanted Secateurs to the Fairy Godfather." These fairies seem to be well versed in the powers of nature.
Fairytale II - Cure a Queen ... the Fairy Queen awoke, and we realised that the Godfather had betrayed her! Politics is never straightforward.
Family Crest ... So all three parts of the family crest were reunited.
The Feud ...So despite the failure of my original task, Ali Morrisane was very happy about his nephew's fortunes.
Fight Arena ... and I defeated General Khazard, and won the Servils their freedom!"
Fishing Contest ... and after I had won the fishing contest, the Dwarves let me go under White Wolf Mountain. Fishing? A strange test of worthiness to pass through an underground tunnel!
Forgettable Tale... ... I think I did something with a drunken dwarf... but I can't remember what. You must be careful not to let drink muddle your brain!
The Forsaken Tower ... and so I took the hammer to Undor and he used it to repair the Doors of Dinh.
The Fremennik Exiles ... and that's how we defeated the Jormungand once and for all!
The Fremennik Isles ... so I presented the head of the Troll King to the Burgher and he gave me his own helm!
The Fremennik Trials ... and that was how I became an honourary member the Fremennik, and was given my Fremennik name, <player's Fremennik name>.
Garden of Tranquility ... So the garden at Varrock palace is all my work! It is good that you can take time from slaying and adventuring to grow a beautiful garden.
Gertrude's Cat ...I returned Fluffs safely to Gertrude, and then she gave me a cat of my own! Cats are one of the most mysterious creatures of Guthix. I hope you take your responsibility seriously.
Ghosts Ahoy ... So the people of Port Phasmatys were finally able to rest.
The Giant Dwarf ... So the statue in Keldagrim was rebuilt, and I witnessed a meeting of the Consortium of mining companies. I have a feeling that Keldagrim will be the setting of many great adventures for you.
Goblin Diplomacy ... So the goblins ended up wearing the armour colour they had to start off with! Poor silly goblins! Their race had such potential, if only they could rise above their petty squabbles.
The Golem ... and I had to reprogram the golem before it would believe that the demon was dead. I remember well the battle of Uzer.
The Grand Tree ... Glough fled like the coward he really is, and the Grand Tree was saved!
The Great Brain Robbery ... so I defeated Mi-Gor's barrel-chested bodyguard, and the monks were saved.
Grim Tales ... and once I'd chopped down the beanstalk, Sylas let me keep Rupert's helmet. Your tales are often very curious, <player name>.
Hand in the Sand ... So that was how I gave Bert a hand solving the murder and returned the wizard's head to solve the riddle of the ever full sand pits! A victim dies and a murderer is punished. That is balance.
Haunted Mine ... and from the legendary crystals I cut a salve shard to fight the undead.
Hazeel Cult
(stopping cultists)
... So that was how I foiled the cultists in their plan to resurrect Hazeel. So the vile Mahjarrat still walk the earth above? Then Zamorak's defeat was not as thorough as I had thought.
Hazeel Cult
(helping cultists)
... So that was how I helped return Hazeel to his followers. So the vile Mahjarrat still walk the earth above? Then Zamorak's defeat was not as thorough as I had thought.
Heroes' Quest ... So after I had retrieved all the items, I became a member of the Heroes' Guild!
Holy Grail ... and out of all the Knights of the Round Table, it was I who found the Holy Grail.
Horror from the Deep ... and that was the end of the horror from the deep!
Icthlarin's Little Helper ... and with the amulet I received, I could understand the language of cats! It is a rare privilege to understand the language of those beings. You should listen carefully to all that they say - but not believe too much of it.
Imp Catcher ... It took some time, but I finally got all four beads back, and Mizgog gave me my reward. Imps! I remember the age of great war, when armies of Zamorak's imps bloodied the ankles of the other gods' creatures.
In Aid of the Myreque ... Veliaf was very impressed by the 'Rod of Ivandis', and I can use it to kill Juves and the Juvinates!
In Search of the Myreque ... So I suppose it was my fault that the young members of the Myreque were killed by Vanstrom.
Jungle Potion ... and once I had gathered all the herbs, Trufitus Shakaya was able to commune with his gods.
King's Ransom ... meanwhile Merlin used his magic to eject the Sinclairs from Camelot. King Arthur rewarded me for saving him.
The Knight's Sword ... So that was how I found the Imcando Dwarves and got the Knight a new sword.
Legends' Quest ... and when I had completed all the tasks, I became a member of the Legends' Guild!
Lost City ... and when I entered the door carrying the Dramen Staff, I was transported to a whole new world -- a world populated by magical fairies!
The Lost Tribe ... So Sigmund was dismissed, and the duke and ruler of the cave goblins signed a peace treaty. The Dorgeshuun goblins have been good neighbors during my vigil here. They are a timid race, but not cowardly, and I am glad they have the peace they desire.
Lunar Diplomacy ... so I defeated my mirror image, won the respect of the Moon Clan and persuaded them to communicate with the Fremenniks! The Moon Clan's reliance on magic is no more balanced than the Fremennik's hatred of it.
Making Friends with My Arm ... while Snowflake and My Arm live happily together in Weiss.
Making History ... so that's how the Outpost was saved and converted into a museum. By remembering the past, one should be able to avoid repeating its mistakes. Yet the mortal races show no sign of abandoning their obsession with war and bloodshed.
Merlin's Crystal ... and when I told King Arthur that I had single-handedly freed Merlin from his crystal prison, he made me a Knight of the Round Table!
Misthalin Mystery ... but I was able to stab the killer with her own knife! A masked killer slashing vulnerable young people in a deserted mansion? Is that what stories have become in this day and age? How formulaic!
Monk's Friend ... and the monks threw a big birthday party for the child, with lots of wine. I hope they supplied something more suitable for the child to drink.
Monkey Madness I ... so I defeated the Jungle Demon and stopped the Monkeys' plot to take over Karamja. I see they couldn't make a monkey out of you! (to which you respond Well, actually, I was a monkey for a bit.)
Monkey Madness II ... so I defeated Glough in his mutant form and prevented a war. King Narnode Shareen & King Awowogei signed a peace treaty. Glough's evil plans always threaten to upset the balance of our world. I am pleased you were able to stop him.
Mountain Daughter ... I was too late to save the chieftain's daughter, but at least I gave her a proper burial. Brief is life, but more precious if its passing is properly honoured.
Mourning's End Part I ... So that's how I found out about the lost temple in the mountains that the mourners were searching for.
Mourning's End Part II ... What kind of twisted mind would come up with the light-beam puzzle in that temple?
Murder Mystery ... and that's how I solved the murder of Lord Sinclair.
My Arm's Big Adventure
(before Making Friends with My Arm)
... My Arm is still up on that rooftop, growing goutweed in his little farming patch! It is good that a troll wishes to study the complex skill that is Farming.
My Arm's Big Adventure
(after Making Friends with My Arm)
... My Arm carried on growing goutweed in his little farming patch on that rooftop, until Drunken Dwarf's Leg took over. The names of trolls never cease to amaze me.
Nature Spirit (1) ... thus Filliman Tarlock became a Nature Spirit! That is a fitting reward for a dedicated servant of Guthix. Thank you for helping him.
Nature Spirit (2) ... So that was how I helped Filliman Tarlock transform into a Nature Spirit. It is good that you have helped a servant of Guthix to his rest.
Observatory Quest ... and when I had fixed the telescope, I looked through and saw the stars. It is long since I have seen the stars...
Olaf's Quest ... where I found a note from Ulfric Longbeard and some treasure!
One Small Favour ... I still can't believe how long that 'one small favour' took me! I ended up walking all over the world doing small favours for all and sundry!
Pirate's Treasure ... and when I dug in the middle of the park in Falador, I found the pirate's treasure! Such is ever the folly of pirates, the bury their loot in the ground so that another can dig it up.
Plague City ... and that was how I rescued Elena from West Ardougne.
A Porcine of Interest ... but using my new goggles, I was able to avoid the acidic attack of the Sourhog and I came out victorious.
Priest in Peril ... But with Drezel's help I was able to purify the Salve.
Prince Ali Rescue ... and I had to disguise Prince Ali as a woman in order to smuggle him out!
The Queen of Thieves ... so Councillor Hughes was arrested, and Lady Piscarilius rewarded me for my help.
Rag and Bone Man ... So I fetched all the bones the Odd Old Man wanted, and he gave me a reward! What could that man have wanted all those bones for? Collecting that many bones cannot be a balanced activity.
Rag and Bone Man II ... So I fetched all the bones on the old man's wish-list, as well as the ones I'd brought him earlier.
Ratcatchers ... Those rat-catchers are odd people. But by the end of it I had caught a huge number of rats all over Gielinor! Rats are a highly unbalanced creature and it is right that their numbers be controlled.
Recipe for Disaster ... So after I had freed all the dinner guests I was finally able to face the Culinaromancer and put an end to his mad schemes! That evil wizard's time spells sent a ripple through the fabric of balance. I am glad he is no longer at large!
Recruitment Drive ... So I figured out their weird puzzles, and the Temple Knights asked me to join as an initiate member! I have heard tales of these 'Temple Knights' from many years past. Be wary, their motivations are not what they might lead you to believe.
Regicide ... I returned to tell King Lathas that the assassination was successful, and he rewarded me.
The Restless Ghost ... and once I returned the skull, the ghost was able to rest. A strange attachment to an item that has no use after one's death.
Romeo and Juliet ... I gave the message to Romeo, but he misunderstood, so they never were together. Never was a story of more woe
That this of Juliet and her Romeo.
Roving Elves ... and when I planted the shard, it grew into a crystal tree!
Royal Trouble ... So I showed that the war was based on a misunderstanding, and now Miscellania and Etceteria were at peace again! War? What is it good for? (to which the player responds Absolutely nothing!)
Rum Deal ... So that was how I helped keep the zombie pirates drunk! Drunken zombie pirates? What is the world coming to?
Rune Mysteries ... So I brought Aubury's notes to Sedridor the Head Wizard, and from then on I was able to mine Rune Essence. So the mortals above have discovered magic once more? Very interesting.
Scorpion Catcher ... I would never have thought that three scorpions would take that long to find!
Sea Slug ... and that was how I rescued Caroline's family from the Sea Slugs.
Shades of Mort'ton ... So Mort'ton returned pretty much to normal, and I was able to put the shades to rest.
Shadow of the Storm ... So Denath was Agrith-Naar all along! But I managed to summon the demon again and slay him. Agrith-Naar was one of the demons my master banished at the end of the great war. It seems he found a way to work around the ban on direct intervention.
Sheep Herder ... and I incinerated the bones of the sheep in the furnace.
Sheep Shearer ... Shearing all those sheep was hard work, but the pay was good! Nature gave sheep their wool for a reason, you know. I hope they were not too cold.
Shield of Arrav ... So that's how I helped return the Shield of Arrav.
Shilo Village ... So what Rashiliyia wanted all along was to be reunited with her son in the afterlife.
Sins of the Father ... but Lord Drakan was too strong, and we were unable to defeat him. The Myreque were defeated and Safalaan was taken!
The Slug Menace ... when I told Sir Tiffy that I had accidentally freed the Mother Mallum, he promoted me to the rank of Proselyte within the Temple Knights. That was a strange response to such an unfortunate event. But the motives of the Temple Knights have always been incomprehensibly unbalanced.
Song of the Elves ... and so the Iorwerth elves were finally defeated and the clan elders restored the city of Prifddinas!
A Soul's Bane ...So I defeated all the monsters in Tolna's subconscious and he escaped from the rift. The most fearsome monsters are to be found in the darkness of our own minds.
Spirits of the Elid ... So it turned out that the people of Nardah were dying of thirst because the spirits of the Elid had cursed them for turning away from their goddess. It is a terrible thing for people to turn away from their religion. I think the spirits taught the town a lesson.
Swan Song ... So the Wise Old Man said it was time for him to retire, and he left the Colony and went home. He gave me loads of XP, but he wouldn't let me have his hat! A hat is just a hat, <player name>. (to which you reply Grrr!)
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio ... So that was how I helped the people of Tai Bwo Wannai village return.
A Tail of Two Cats
(before Dragon Slayer II)
...now Bob and Neite are very happy together! Bob the cat? I have heard of that strange creature, but have never been able to fathom him. It is no small achievement for you to be able to.
A Tail of Two Cats
(after Dragon Slayer II)
... So Bob and Neite were very happy together, at least for a while. The loss of a friend is never easy. However, you should always remember to be thankful of the time you had together.
Tale of the Righteous ... and Lord Shayzien ordered an investigation into the disappearance of Phileas.
A Taste of Hope ... and Safalaan rewarded me for defeating Ranis and bringing a true taste of hope to the people of Meiyerditch.
Tears of Guthix ... so you said you'd look after my bowl for me, and let me access the Tears if I kept telling you stories. I knew that story already, in fact, but I suppose your own perspective of the events is a valid tale in itself.
Temple of Ikov
(killing Lucien)
... I killed Lucien and banished him from the world!
Temple of Ikov
(helping Lucien)
... Lucien said that the Staff of Armadyl I gave him had made him more powerful.
Throne of Miscellania ... So that was how I became King/Queen of Miscellania!
The Tourist Trap ... Ana wasn't too happy to be cooped up in that barrel! But at least I got her out of the mining camp.
Tower of Life ... and the homunculus now lives in the basement of the Tower, creating living creatures of its own. The alchemists walked a dangerous path when they created that homunculus. I am glad that events ended well for the creature.
Tree Gnome Village ... and King Bolren thanked me for defeating the warlord and returning the orbs to the gnome people.
Tribal Totem ... So I returned the totem, and the Rantuki tribe rewarded me for my help.
Troll Romance ... So Ug and Aga lived happily ever after.
Troll Stronghold ... and after I had rescued Godric, Dunstan gave me the Law Talisman as a reward!
Underground Pass ... I don't know who put all those traps in the underground pass!
Vampyre Slayer ... and once the vampyre was dead, the people of Draynor no longer lived in fear.
Wanted! ... and after I finally managed to track him down, let me tell you, that Solus Dellagar fellow was almost as powerful as he was insane! Yes, it seems he sacrificed his sanity for power. Power often comes with a cost, and the highest cost is often the one you do not immediately see...
Watchtower ... and with the shield generator working, the ogres could never threaten Yanille again.
Waterfall Quest ... and that was how I retrieved the treasure from the waterfall.
What Lies Below ... so King Roald was freed from Surok's spell, and Rat thanked me for all my help.
Witch's House ... All that trouble just to get a ball out of someone's garden! It is often hard to know how long a task will take when we begin it.
Witch's Potion ... and once I got her all the ingredients, Hetty's potion increased my magical power! I see you are on your way to becoming strong in the magical arts.
X Marks the Spot ... and in the end I managed to solve the clues and find the treasure for Veos.
Zogre Flesh Eaters ... Those Zogres were disgusting! But I learned how to fight them with brutal arrows and disease balm. Zombie Ogres!? Some of the foulest creatures of Zamorak. In the great wars the zogre armies could repel the forces of Saradomin with their stench alone!

Using a staff of the dead on Juna without having a Guthixian icon[edit | edit source]

  • Juna: A Staff of the Dead! I would happily honour the dead, and all the stories they must have known, by combining your staff with an icon of my master, Guthix.
  • Juna: Perhaps you can find such an icon and bring it to me.
  • (End of dialogue)

Using a Guthixian icon on Juna without having a staff of the dead[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Can you do something with this icon?
  • Juna examines your Guthixian icon.
  • Juna: So many aeons have passed since these were made. So many mortals have been born, lived their lives, then died as Balance requires. What stories they must have known!
  • Juna: I would happily honour the dead by combining such an icon with a Staff of the Dead, if you bring one to me.
  • Player: A Staff of the Dead, you say? Okay, thanks.
  • (End of dialogue)

Using a Guthixian icon or a staff of the dead on Juna while having both[edit | edit source]

  • Juna: I would happily honour the dead, and all the stories they must have known, by combining your Staff of the Dead with your icon of my master, Guthix. But this cannot be undone; they will be bound forever.
    • <missing>
      • Player: Combine them. I understand it can't be undone.
      • Juna combines your icon and staff to make a staff of balance.
      • (End of dialogue)
    • <missing>
      • Player: No thanks.
      • (End of dialogue)

Using a Guthixian icon on Juna while wielding a staff of light[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Can you do something with this icon?
  • Juna examines your Guthixian icon.
  • Juna: So many aeons have passed since these were made. So many mortals have been born, lived their lives, then died as Balance requires. What stories they must have known!
  • Juna: I would happily honour the dead by combining such an icon with a Staff of the Dead, if you bring one to me.
  • Player: My weapon is sort of like a Staff of the Dead, don't you think?
  • Juna: I cannot combine it with that.
  • (End of dialogue)

Using a Guthixian icon on Juna while wielding a staff of balance[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Can you do something with this icon?
  • Juna examines your Guthixian icon.
  • Juna: So many aeons have passed since these were made. So many mortals have been born, lived their lives, then died as Balance requires. What stories they must have known!
  • Juna: I would happily honour the dead by combining such an icon with a Staff of the Dead, if you bring one to me.
  • Player: My weapon is sort of like a Staff of the Dead, don't you think?
  • Juna: It was, but I appear to have combined it with an icon already.
  • (End of dialogue)

Using any other item on Juna[edit | edit source]

  • Juna: I do not need that from you.
  • (End of dialogue)

Talking to Juna while collecting tears[edit | edit source]

  • Juna: I will not permit you to be in the cave for long. Collect as many tears as you can.
    • Okay.
      • Player: Okay.
      • (End of dialogue)
    • I want to get out now.
      • <missing>

Treasure Trails[edit | edit source]

Master[edit | edit source]

If the player has no room in their inventory:

  • Juna: Hey, I have something for you but you don't have any space for it!
  • Juna: Your dedication to balance is astounding adventurer.
  • (End of dialogue)

If the player has room in their inventory:

  • Player receives a torn part of a clue scroll.
  • Juna: Here you go.
  • You are handed a torn part of a clue scroll.
  • Juna: Your dedication to balance is astounding adventurer.
  • (End of dialogue)