Dialogue for Kaht B'alam

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Standard Dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Kaht B'alam: Yesss?
    • You can speak!?
      • Player: You can speak!?
      • Kaht B'alam: Of courssse, sssome of usss remember the high ssspeech out old massster ssspoke in.
      • Player: Hmm, I suppose I've never had a chance to speak with most Lizardmen, they're generally quite aggressive.
      • Kaht B'alam: Yesss, we ssspeak the language of war far better. It isss the only way we know of.
      • Player: This master you speak of...
      • Kaht B'alam: I know only what my eldersss passssed down. Very little.
      • Player: How long ago since this master left you?
      • Kaht B'alam: Many generationsss have come and gone sssince he walked amongssst usss.
      • Player: Do you remember his name?
      • Kaht B'alam: K'uhul ajaw isss the name we ssspeak. You manfolk ssspeak a different name.
      • Player: Hmmm...
      • (End of dialogue)
    • Why are you down here?
      • Player: Why are you down here?
      • Kaht B'alam: Thisss isss our temple, we don't usssually get many visssitorsss... We make sssacrifice, offeringsss to our massster.
      • Player: What kind of... sacrifices?
      • Kaht B'alam: Thisss and that. Whatever out massster desssiresss.
      • Player: This master you speak of...
      • Same as above
      • (End of dialogue)
    • Nevermind, bye.
      • Player: Nevermind, bye.
      • Kaht B'alam: Ye niauh, human.
      • (End of dialogue)