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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Key Master: Who goes there? This is no place for a human. You need to leave.
  • Player: You're starting to scare me man...
  • Key Master: I am no man! They changed me and cursed me to remain here...
    • What do you mean they changed you?
      • Player: What do you mean they changed you?
      • Key Master: I was once a free man, powerful and wealthy. I owned several apothecaries across Kourend and sold the tastiest potions in the land.
      • Player: What happened?
      • Key Master: One of my greatest inventions, it was going so well. I spent days finding the right herbs, I travelled across all of Kourend to find the most exotic weeds. Once I had gathered them all, I put them in a potion and mixed in
      • Key Master: the final ingredient.
      • Player: Kourend? Oh yeah, I've been there.
      • Key Master: Yes, yes... The potion tasted delicious but it was missing a tiny something so I added Magic roots to the potion. It started to pulsate and glow! I took a sip and I felt like a million gold! A few seconds later my eye sight
      • Key Master: began to blur, my brain was throbbing. I fell and hit my head on my worktop, then it all went black.
      • Player: Ouch! But, you still haven't said who changed you?
      • Key Master: Will you let me finish?
      • Key Master: I woke up screaming in pain. Blue foam streaming out of my mouth, my eye sight worse than before, the only things I could make out were 3 tall figures with green banners - they were of the Arceuus Elders. They
      • Key Master: muttered to each other in Archaic Language after trying to get up several times. I lost hope and stared at the sky. I had given up when the tallest of the figures bent over and brought his face right to mine and spoke
      • Key Master: very softly 'We can save you, but it will come at a cost'.
      • Player: So they saved you?
      • Key Master: Yes of course they saved me but look at the cost! I have horns coming out of my head and I'm still blind and stuck here... forever alone.
      • (Shows other options)
    • What was the curse?
      • Player: What was the curse?
      • Key Master: I have been charged to stay here to prevent the Monstrosity from escaping. Those gates and the winches that operate them are the only thing that stops it breaking free.
      • Key Master: You really do not want to know. Leave this place human.
      • Player: Hey now, I'm no wimp. What's to stop me from just turning the winch to open the gate and going in?
      • Key Master: Me. And of course your quick demise at the mercy of Cerberus, guardian of the river of souls.
      • Player: But I can do it!
      • Key Master: You are obviously passionate at trying. But only those with great skill at slaying these types of beast may enter.
      • If the player does not have hellhounds or Cerberus herself as a slayer task:
        • Key Master: THE VOICES! AAAHHHHH! Leave this place human!
        • (Shows other options)
      • If the player has hellhounds or Cerberus herself as a slayer task:
        • Player: I have been charged by the slayer masters to eliminate this type of threat.
        • Key Master: Then you may pass... may your soul not end up consumed and forever condemned to the-
        • Key Master: THE VOICES! AAAHHHHH! Leave this place human!
        • (Shows other options)
    • Goodbye.
      • Player: Goodbye.
      • (End of dialogue)

During Bear your Soul[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Aretha said you might be able to repair the soul bearer for me.
  • Key Master: The soul bearer! You have the soul bearer! The voices speak of it often. It is from this place, yet it is not of this place.
  • Player: Will you repair it?
  • Key Master: The voices tell me I can. They speak to me!
  • The Key Master repairs your soul bearer.
  • Key Master: The voices say you must use it wisely.
    • What voices?
      • (Same as above)
    • Thanks, I will.
      • Player: Thanks, I will.
      • (End of dialogue)

Treasure Trails[edit | edit source]

  • Player receives a torn part of a clue scroll.
  • Key Master: Here you go.
  • You are handed a torn part of a clue scroll.
  • (End of dialogue)