Dialogue for Kylie Minnow

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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Kylie Minnow: Strewth! Nippy little blighters!
  • Player: Excuse me?
  • Kylie Minnow: Oh G'day! Sorry, didn't see you there!
  • Player: That's okay. What seems to be the problem?
  • Kylie Minnow: Oh, well I wanted to catch some minnows so I could use 'em as bait, but the little blighters are just too quick! I managed to get 'em all rounded up over on my fishing platform, but I still can't catch 'em!
  • Kylie Minnow: Then, to make things worse, any time I do finally catch some, those bloody flying fish jump out at me and gobble up me minnows!
  • Kylie Minnow: What I need is someone who can catch 'em for me!
  • Player: Well, maybe I could help out?
  • Kylie Minnow: Well I don't know. I don't want to be letting just anyone onto me fishing platform! But I guess if you could show me that you are a worthy fisher than that would be okay. I can even give you shark in exchange
  • Kylie Minnow: for the minnows you catch, 'cos them I can catch no problem!
  • Player: Sounds fair. What can I do to show that I am worthy?
  • Kylie Minnow: Well you should be very experienced in the art of fishing, own the proper attire, and be recognised by your peers as a great fisherman.
  • Player: So, how about letting me out onto your fishing platform?
  • Kylie Minnow: Sorry, but I just don't think you are experienced enough.