Dialogue for Lady Tangwen Trahaearn

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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hi there.
  • Lady Tangwen Trahaearn: Good to see you [player name]. You're very brave to come see me.
  • Player: How come?
  • Lady Tangwen Trahaearn: Most of the elves around here give me a wide berth. They seem to find me intimidating. How ironic that an old woman is more of a threat to them than the entire Iorwerth clan.
  • Player: You must have seen a fair bit in your time.
  • Lady Tangwen Trahaearn: Oh yes, I'm the oldest elf still alive. You can thank this exoskeleton for that, one of our finer inventions.
  • Player: You must have plenty of stories to tell.
  • Lady Tangwen Trahaearn: Yes, but not the time to tell them. They have plenty of books in the Tower of Voices if you want stories, most of them are from our Grand Library.
  • Lady Tangwen Trahaearn: I'd personally recommend the one about Zalcano, a fun tale about how we trapped her beneath the city. She's still here now in fact, feel free to go give her a poke.
  • Player: I'll see about paying her a visit. See you later.
  • (End of dialogue)