Dialogue for Lady Vulcana Lovakengj

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This transcript involves dialogue with Lady Vulcana Lovakengj, Councillor Unkar, and the player.

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

Before The Forsaken Tower[edit | edit source]

If the player does not have the requirements to start The Forsaken Tower[edit | edit source]

  • Councillor Unkar: ...and he says that it's of the greatest urgency.
  • Lady Vulcana Lovakengj: Greatest urgency? I don't like urgency. This is quite simply not on.
  • Player: Hiya!
  • Lady Vulcana Lovakengj: Who is this human Councillor Unkar? What are they doing here?
  • Councillor Unkar: I'm afraid I don't know.
  • Lady Vulcana Lovakengj: Oh. Could you make them go away?
  • Councillor Unkar: Sorry human. We're currently engaging in important official business. You'll need to come back another time.
  • To start The Forsaken Tower you must meet these requirements:
    Client of Kourend
    20% Lovakengj Favour
  • (End of dialogue)

After The Forsaken Tower[edit | edit source]

  • Lady Vulcana Lovakengj: Oh look, it's the human. Hello human.
    • Tell me about yourself.
      • Player: Tell me about yourself.
      • Lady Vulcana Lovakengj: Myself? Oh.
      • Lady Vulcana Lovakengj: Well I'm Vulcana Lovakengj, the head of Lovakengj House. I rule the city of Lovakengj.
      • Player: Cool.
      • Player: ...
      • Player: Anything else?
      • Lady Vulcana Lovakengj: Oh... No I don't think so.
      • Player: Huh, fair enough.
      • (Shows other options)
    • Tell me about Lovakengj.
      • Player: Tell me about Lovakengj.
      • Lady Vulcana Lovakengj: Lovakengj?
      • Lady Vulcana Lovakengj: Yes! I know a lot about Lovakengj!
      • Lady Vulcana Lovakengj: Lovakengj is a city of dwarves. It's the only non-human city in Kourend.
      • Lady Vulcana Lovakengj: Lovakengj is very important you know. The resources mined here are used throughout the kingdom. Weapons, armour, tools, buildings...
      • Lady Vulcana Lovakengj: All sorts of things come out of Lovakengj.
      • (Shows other options)
    • Tell me about your plans.
      • Player: Tell me about your plans.
      • Lady Vulcana Lovakengj: My plans? Hmm let me see now...
      • Lady Vulcana Lovakengj: Ah, I know. I'll have a sherry.
      • Lady Vulcana Lovakengj: Jorra! Bring me a sherry.
      • Jorra: Yes Lady Lovakengj.
      • (Shows other options)
    • Goodbye.
      • Player: Goodbye.
      • Lady Vulcana Lovakengj: Goodbye human.
      • (End of dialogue)