Dialogue for Lanthus

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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Lanthus: Good day, how may I help you?
  • What is this place?
    • Player: What is this place?
    • Lanthus: This is the great Castle Wars arena! Here you can fight for the glory of Saradomin or Zamorak.
    • Really, how do I do that?
      • Player: Really, how do I do that?
      • Lanthus: Easy, you just step through one of the three portals. To join Zamorak, pass through the red portal. To join Saradomin, pass through the blue portal. If you don't mind then pass through the green portal.
    • Are there any rules?
      • Player: Are there any rules?
      • Lanthus: Of course, there are always rules. Firstly you can't wear a cape as you enter the portal, you'll be given your team colours to wear while in the arena. You're also prohibited from taking non-combat related items in with you. So you should only have equipment, potions, and runes on you. Secondly, attacking your own team or your team's defences isn't allowed. You don't want to be angering your patron god, do you? Other than that, just have fun and enjoy it!
      • Player: Great! Oh, how do I win the game?
      • Lanthus: The aim is to get into your opponents' castle and take their team standard. Then bring that back and capture it on your team's standard.
    • What can I win?
      • Player: What can I win?
      • Lanthus: Players on the winning team will receive 2 Castle Wars Tickets which you can trade back to me for other items. In the event of a draw every player will get 1 ticket.
  • Take a look at this dead chicken I've got. (Only if the player has any of Ava's devices in their inventory).
    • Player: Take a look at this dead chicken I've got.
    • If the player has not shown the Ava's device to Lanthus before:
      • Lanthus: ... I'm looking at the dead chicken. Why am I looking at the dead chicken?
      • Player: It's a special device, invented by a friend of mine. If I'm wearing it while ranging, it uses magnets to retrieve some of my ammunition.
      • Lanthus: Oh. Gosh. That's clever. So are you wanting to take it into Castle Wars? The gods expect people to fight in the team capes.
      • Player: Can they be a bit more flexible, please?
      • Lanthus: I'll ask. Hold on a minute...
      • Lanthus: ... (Lanthus communes with the gods.)
      • Lanthus: The gods say they'll protect your ammunition in the same way that the chicken would, while you're fighting in Castle Wars. You won't need to wear the chicken here.
      • Player: Thank you.
    • If the player has shown the Ava's device to Lanthus before:
      • Lanthus: I remember you. You said your dead chicken could help you save ammunition. The gods agreed that you could have the same bonus in Castle Wars without needing to wear the chicken.
      • Player: Yes, that's right.
      • Lanthus: So you don't need to keep showing me the dead chicken, do you? Take it away!
  • What do you have for trade?
  • Do you have a manual? I'd like to learn how to play!
    • Player: Do you have a manual? I'd like to learn how to play!
    • Lanthus: Sure, here you go.