Dialogue for Leke quo Keran

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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Leke quo Keran: Do you wish to serve the balance? You'll need weapons if you do. These, I can provide.
    • Let's see what you have.
    • Do you make a lot of money selling weapons?
      • Player: Do you make a lot of money selling weapons?
      • Leke quo Keran: To be a Kahlith is to abandon all attachment. Both physical and emotional. I have no use for money.
      • Player: So why don't you give out the weapons for free?
      • Leke quo Keran: While we care not for money, your kind still do. While a Kahlith will do anything for the balance, your kind are not so generous.
      • Player: So you use the money to pay us for things?
      • Leke quo Keran: Exactly. For us to serve the balance, we must trade with your people. That is what the money is for.
      • Leke quo Keran: Anyway, would you like to purchase some weapons?
      • (Shows other options)
    • I'm good thanks.
      • Player: I'm good thanks.
      • (End of dialogue)