Dialogue for Lithil

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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello!
  • Lithil: Greetings, human.
    • Who are you?
      • Player: Who are you?
      • Lithil: I'm Lithil. Haven't you heard of me?
      • Player: Can't say I have...
      • Lithil: ...Oh, well that's no good.
      • Player: Should I? Did I miss some glorious feat of yours?
      • Lithil: You must run in all the wrong circles. It's fine, I won't hold it against you.
      • Player: You're a demon! Usually I'm kill-
      • Lithil: Yes?
      • Player: Nothing... You're right, wrong circles and all that.
      • Lithil: ...
        • (Shows other options)
    • Why are you here?
      • Player: Why are you here?
      • Lithil: Me? Can't a demon have a look around without all the questions?
      • Player: ...
      • Lithil: Alright! I heard there were other demons in Morytania, other than that oaf, Mazchna. I've come looking for them.
      • Player: Not a fan of the slayer master?
      • Lithil: If he truly is as great as he says, he'd fight me.
      • Player: He didn't want to prove himself?
      • Lithil: Ugh, of course not. The fool says he won't fight a woman. That demon thinks he's a pillar of chivalry.
      • Player: That is a little suspicious.
      • Lithil: Yes. Anyway, to fully answer your initial question, I found demons here to the north and some lesser demons to the east.
      • Player: What are they doing here?
      • Lithil: Demons tend to stay where they were summoned. You see, once they're done eating the stupid wizard that thought it could control a demon, they're pretty much stuck until someone else decides to summon them.
      • Player: Summoning, aye? Sounds like a dangerous skill to practise.
      • Lithil: Be even warier of the imps. They'll steal the boots from your feet if you give 'em the chance.
      • Player: I don't see how that's worse than being eaten, but thanks, I'll keep an eye out.
        • (Shows other options)
    • Bye!
      • Player: Bye!
      • Lithil: See you 'round, human.
      • (End of dialogue)