Dialogue for Lord Baxtorian Cadarn

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Prifddinas[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Baxtorian.
  • Lord Baxtorian Cadarn: [player name].
  • Player: How are things?
  • Lord Baxtorian Cadarn: The city is flourishing, largely thanks to you. There's still some mistrust for the Iorwerth clan, but overall I'd say it's been over a thousand years since our people were doing this well.
  • Player: That's great to hear. What about you though?
  • Lord Baxtorian Cadarn: I still mourn Glarial every day, until the end of time a part of me will be missing, never to be replaced.
  • Lord Baxtorian Cadarn: But I know now that I can't let that impact the elves here. Many of them never even knew their former queen. My grief is mine alone, they need not bear it.
  • Lord Baxtorian Cadarn: To them, I'm trying my best to be a leader they deserve, to correct the mistakes of the past. Lord Iorwerth believed we were nothing without Seren. We need to prove that we have a future with her gone.
  • Lord Baxtorian Cadarn: Thankfully I have the other elders to help this time. Ruling is not as hard when you share out the responsiblities.
  • Player: Well I'm glad to hear things are going well.
  • Lord Baxtorian Cadarn: And we are glad to have you here with us. None of this would have been possible without you.
  • (End of dialogue)