Dialogue for Lord Crombwick

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This transcript involves dialogue with Damien Leucurte, Lord Crombwick, and the player.

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Are you alright?
  • Lord Crombwick: ...
  • Damien Leucurte: You may speak.
  • Lord Crombwick: Oh, yes yes, I'm fine.
  • Player: You look a little beat up.
  • Lord Crombwick: These scratches? Don't worry, just a disagreement with a thorn bush.
  • Player: Sure...
  • Damien Leucurte: Is there something you wanted, bloodbag?
  • Player: Just looking around.
  • Damien Leucurte: Well, I'd prefer you did it elsewhere, Crombwick is busy entertaining his guests.
  • Player: Strange bunch of guests...
  • (End of dialogue)