Dialogue for Marfet

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  1. Player: Hello.
    • Marfet: Hi there. So much to see here!
    • Player: Yep, could be looking all day!
    • Player: Updated any displays yet?
    • Marfet: Yes, I just learned more about some priestly warriors and a staff of the gods.
    • Player: Sounds fun, how did you do that?
    • Marfet: Ahh, I'm big on quests me, love questing. So when I've done one, I check here with 'Historian' Minas to see if I can help the Museum out with some information. Sometimes they already know it, or don't want to know,
    • Marfet: and sometimes it earns me a reward or two.
    • Player: That sounds really good. Perhaps I should do the same!
    • Marfet: You should, as well as everything else there is here in the Museum. Did you know they have a really fun- looking display down in the basement? I love monkeys.
    • Player: I'll check it out. Got to get going now, nice talking to you.
    • Marfet: Have a good day!
  2. Marfet: Hi there!
    • Player: Hello, what are you doing here?
    • Marfet: Oh, just taking a look at these displays. I'm a bit of a history buff.
    • Player: Really? Tell me something I didn't know!
    • Marfet: Well, did you know that Bob the Cat is... no, no... you'd never believe me anyway.
    • Player: He's what? Tell me!
    • Marfet: No, no. Couldn't possibly ruin the surprise.
    • Player: ARG! Tell me!
    • Marfet: If you really want to know, go talk to Unferth in his house in Burthorpe.
  3. Player: Hi!
    • Marfet: Oh, hello. I was just looking at this display here.
    • Player: Anything interesting?
    • Marfet: Yes, one I just updated by talking to 'Historian' Minas. I'm a bit of a quester you see.
    • Player: Okay, I'll let you get on then.
    • Marfet: Hmm, yes. Okay. Don't forget to check out the Natural History exhibit - you could learn a lot.
    • Player: Right, bye!
  4. (The following dialogue will occur if you haven't done "The Dig Site" quest)
    • Marfet: Hello!
    • Player: Hi, have you seen the Dig Site displays?
    • Marfet: Yes, good aren't they! Have you done the quest?
    • Player: Not yet.
    • Marfet: Oh you should, it lets you get into that bit where they clean the finds, and you can join in!
    • Player: Sounds fun, I should probably check it out.
  5. Player: Hi!
    • Marfet: Hmm... 3rd Age.... No, no...maybe 4th...
    • Player: Hello?
    • Marfet: Yes, that's it, just like that. Mustn't forget the map either....hmm...what else?
    • Player: HELLO! Are you there?
    • Marfet: Oh, hello there. Sorry, was a bit engrosed in updating this display. I've just been out questing and thought I'd stop off here you see. It's quite rewarding too.
    • Player: Yes, well, no need to ignore me.
    • Marfet: No offence intended, my dear chap. Just very interested in this history stuff, that's all.
    • Player: Okay. Have you seen the Natural History exhibit in the basement?
    • Marfet: Oh, yes, marvellous isn't it! I particularly like the wyvern, very interesting considering they've never found a live specimen. And to think they could possibly have been flapping around at one time!
    • Player: A bit like the crazy gnomes and their gliders. Have you seen the model they have upstairs?
    • Marfet: Yes, very intricate isn't it? Worrying to think some people risk their lives in them! You wouldn't catch me up in one. Had a chat with Jacques while I was up there, the art critic...he's a bit funny in the head.
    • Player: That's not very nice!
    • Marfet: Well, he thinks he's going to get an entire portrait gallery to himself!
    • Player: Who knows, the Museum just got really big and appears to have cash. They might entertain him with his very own floor - we'll see.
    • Marfet: I guess so. Wonder what poetry he'll come up with then! Still, I must get on with this display. See you around I hope!
    • Player: Bye!