Dialogue for Mattimeo

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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello.
  • Mattimeo: Hmm, yes... Hello!
  • Player: ...Are you busy?
  • Mattimeo: Oh umm, no and yes. I'm forever observing, you see.
  • Player: Observing what?
    • Mattimeo: Oh, erm, birds! Yes, those feathery little flittery things.
    • Player: Yes, I know what a bird is.
    • Mattimeo: Do you though? The subtleties between different species of birds is quite incredible, you see-
    • Player: But how could I attract them? Y'know, so I could observe them a little closer.
    • Mattimeo: Ah yes, well, of course! I've travelled around this island and found the best spots for bird watching. I placed a ring of stones at these locations!
    • Player: So those would be the best locations to place my traps...
    • Mattimeo: Traps?! Preposterous! These fine exotic Birds are to be watched and not harmed in any way!
    • Player: Did I say traps? Oh, I meant, umm, feeding them! Yes! I could feed them.
    • Mattimeo: You should not interfere with the birds, just watch, no feeding them anything! Not even seeds!
    • Player: Seeds you say...
  • Player: You seem a little, twitchy...
    • Mattimeo: Yes, well, perhaps a bit! There are new exotic birds everywhere on this island! I guess I'm getting a little over-excited.
    • Player: Yeah, there sure are a lot of birds... For now.
    • Mattimeo: It's my fathers fault entirely, constantly talking about falconry...
    • Player: Your father is a hunter? Does he know anything about hunting birds?
    • Mattimeo: Umm, well of course, falcons ARE hunting birds, they mostly catch varying types of kebbits, it's rather mundane.
    • Player: And mice?
    • Mattimeo: Hmmm...
  • Player: Goodbye.
    • Mattimeo: ...Oh, you're still here. What was that? Oh yes, bye for now!