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Seal of the Forgotten[edit | edit source]

...Therein lies my guilt. A part of me, trapped and alone. Dark, yes, but still a part of my being, sealed away in the Temple of Light. The protections on the temple, they should keep her contained. But in case they don't, I created one last safeguard, a prison within a prison. With it I made a key, an orb of light, to unlock the darkness. I could have destroyed it, sealed her away forever. But I still question my decision, so I hid the orb away, while I think upon my choices. The shrine at Gorlah, that is where it lies. With it, she can be freed... or destroyed...

Seal of Ithell[edit | edit source]

When I first encountered the elves on their homeworld of Tarddiad, it was like I had finally found my purpose. I quickly fell in love with them, and they with me. I set out to help them, to guide them. They immediately embraced this, and one of their mystics, Ceidwad, documented my teachings in a great book called the Cerddi. It was the start of something beautiful, but there is pain in beauty, as I soon came to realise...

Seal of Cadarn[edit | edit source]

...Compared to many of the mortal races I had encountered, the elves had reasonable lifespans. And yet, it wasn't long enough. As I spent time with the elves, I watched as they withered and died. Each death was a blade through my heart, but none more so than Ceidwad, my closest companion. It didn't seem fair, didn't seem right. They deserved more. I knew I had to give it to them...

Seal of Crwys[edit | edit source]

...I found a way to share my essence with the elves, a piece of my being for each one of them. With this gift, their years would number in the thousands, time enough to live the lives they deserved. In keeping with elven tradition, the gift was given through a song. They called it the song of creation, for it was the creation of a new life for them. At least, so we thought...

Seal of Amlodd[edit | edit source]

...With all my knowledge, I should have known not to meddle. That which I intended as a gift, soon turned out to be their curse. The song of creation increased their lifespans, but at a terrible price. It bound them to me. To stray too far from their sides, caused pain, and even death. I knew I had to help them, to fix my mistakes. I should have known that I'd only make it worse...

Seal of Meilyr[edit | edit source]

...Another being came to our world. Divine like myself, but not by design. He spoke of a perfect world, one filled with power. I knew it was a risk, but I decided to travel there. The power he spoke of might have been the only thing capable of saving the elves. The curse made it impossible for me to go without them, so they had to come with me, and leave their home behind. It was hard on them, but in the end, I managed to convince them...

Seal of Hefin[edit | edit source]

...We made our home in the new world, in a great city of crystal spires. It was as beautiful as the world from which we came. But beneath that beauty, the curse remained. The power that filled the world was even greater than I had anticipated. A higher power, one I had not encountered for a long time. I was sure this world held the key to breaking the curse, I just needed to find it...

Seal of Traehaern[edit | edit source]

...It took millennia, but I finally made a breakthrough. Deep beneath the mountains near our home, I found a source of deathly energy. I was sure I could use this power to save them. My essence is of life, of light. This darkness would be the perfect counter, a way to nullify the curse. I should have known not to be so foolish. This curse started with my meddling, my meddling was never going to end it...

Seal of Iorwerth[edit | edit source]

...I am a being of light, but even within me, there was some darkness. I poured this darkness into my creation, combining it with the deathly energy I had found. When I was done, I looked upon my creation. A fragment of myself, but one of darkness, rather than light. I though her essence would counter my own, ending the curse with her mere existence. It was not to be though. The curse was tied to me, not to her. I had failed, and she knew it. She turned on me, tried to destroy me. I had to stop her, so I sealed her away, in the very place I had created her...

Memoriam device[edit | edit source]

Memoriam crystal 1[edit | edit source]

I have tried to convince him to stay, but he will not listen. He believes our mother is controlling us, keeping us close against our will. He does not see that she only acts out of fear, fear that she might lose us. He wants me to join him, but I won't leave her behind. She is our mother, our creator, we owe everything to her.

Memoriam crystal 2[edit | edit source]

She cries out for him, desperate for him to return to her. I've been trying my best to comfort her, but it has been little help. In her desperation for him to return, she has created new life in his image. They are pale imitations though, shadows of him and I. Their creation has been sapping her energy, and I fear she will grow too weak. All may not be lost though, for I may be able to convince them to sacrifice their energy and return it to her.

Memoriam crystal 3[edit | edit source]

She has been dreaming more and more often recently. As she dreams, more beings are manifested. While her initial creations held some intellect, the latest ones have been purely instinctual. She is clearly running out of energy and running out of time. The beings that sacrificed themselves for her slowed things down, but it hasn't been enough. I am left with no choice, for I am powerless to help her. I have to leave her, before it is too late.

Memoriam crystal 4[edit | edit source]

It was not easy to leave her, but I knew I had no choice. Since my departure, I travelled far and wide, finding nothing but empty worlds, long since abandoned. I almost gave up, but just as I was ready to stop, I came upon a world full of life. The creatures here, they are a joy to behold, living in harmony with each other and their home. I approached them, fearful of how they would react to me. It soon became clear that there was no need for fear. They fell in love with me, and I fell in love with them. At long last, I feel like I am home. Never shall I leave their side.