Transcript of Ode to eternity

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What care I for this mortal coil,
Where treasures are yet so frail,
For it is you that is my life blood,
The wine to my Holy Grail.

And if I see the judgement day,
When gods fill the air with dust,
I'll happily choke on your memory,
As my kingdom turns to rust.

Though all my love is turned to ash,
And my dreams are all but gone,
My actions must not be too brash,
For you may yet live on.

So my grief and pain for now is sealed,
Beneath the waters that we used to love,
Until new hope is at least revealed,
And you return from the world above.

So if fate would have us united,
Then there be six aspects desired,
And my faith will be reborn,
Once they have all been acquired.

So with these items claimed,
Seek out my plighted embrace,
For there you'll be compelled,
To find them their rightful place.

First you'll need to bring the rune,
That sees our world bloom,
The next one you'll find is grown,
From the seed of the tomb.

With them you must place a knife,
That darkness has claimed,
And in defiance of the chaotic lord,
Place the liquid he has named.

Next you must seek a chain,
That will not compromise,
Bring lastly that which is green,
And most humans despise.

With these items in your hands,
The key to our love is near.
Place them in their chosen spot,
And your true desire will appear.