Transcript of On leprechauns

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It is said that the leprechauns, so in tune with the nature and growth, are to be treasured for their stewardship. But I have seen. I have seen their dark ways. Even the fairies have not been to the edge of things where the truth is hidden. We used to know why they are not permitted, but we have forgotten.

And so I say this: fear the leprechaun.

Oh yes, they dance, they sing, they laugh. But that is just another way to say that they cavort, they chant, they gibber. The brightness of their clothing is matched only by the brightness of their insanity, and in their lightheartedness lurks a dark desire. Yes, their love of farming shows they are close to the earth. But the earth is a pitch-black place of caves, of burials, of the eventual end of all things. Their hearts are just the same, and at the end of all things they will rise up and claim us.

They watch. They wait. But theirs is a hungry patience.