Dialogue for Paul (2019 Christmas event)

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This transcript involves dialogue with Mary, Paul, and the player.

2019 Christmas event[edit | edit source]

After Anti-Santa and Jack Frost's duel[edit | edit source]

  • Paul: Is it over?
  • Player: I can't hear anything? It might be?
  • Player: Is someone in there?
  • Paul: N-n-n-no... go away...
  • Player: Oh okay, fair enough.
  • Player steps away from the door.
  • Mary: Wait! Come back, we need your help.
  • Mary: Jack Frost locked us in here when he stormed into our bakery. We tried to stop him from messing up our production, but he got grumpy.
  • Player: I ran into one of your bakers outside, he said you were in trouble.
  • Paul: Oh Remy is still alive! We thought Jack fed him to the Icelord.
  • Player: Where's the key? The door looks locked to me.
  • Paul: I thought you had it, Mary.
  • Player: Well I thought you had it, Paul.
  • Paul: Don't you think I'd have opened the door if I had it?
  • Player: Don't you think I would have opened the door as well!
  • Paul: Great, now I'm locked in here with you for the rest of my life.
  • Player: Woah calm down! If it's not in there, it must be out here. Let me look for it.
  • (End of dialogue)

Finding the backroom key[edit | edit source]

  • Attempting to enter the Icelord's cage before talking to the door again:
    • The Icelord sees you trying to enter their cage and blasts you backwards.
    • Paul: Ooooh that sounds like it hurt!
    • Mary: Are you okay dear? That sounded quite nasty.
    • Player: Well, I found the key.
    • Paul: That's great, come on let us out then.
    • Mary: Yes hurry up, we need to get back on schedule.
    • Player: That's going to be a problem, it's in the cage with the Icelord.
    • Player: I've got no way to get it with the Icelord there.
    • Paul: Did you try telegrabbing it?
    • (Continues below)
  • Talking to the door without having tried to enter the Icelord's cage:
    • Player: I'm stumped, I can't find the key.
    • Paul: You've looked around the bakery and no luck?
    • Mary: If it's not in here or in the back room, it must be in the cage with the Icelord.
    • Paul: It wouldn't be safe to go in there.
    • Paul: Could you try telegrabbing it?
  • Mary: That won't work, the Icelord's magic will interfere.
  • Paul: Hmm... You're going to need a way to protect yourself from the Icelord.
  • Player: Don't suppose you have an Anti-Icelord Shield lying around here then?
  • Mary: I don't, do you Paul?
  • Paul: No I don't...
  • Paul: But I do have a genius idea, we'll use Gingerbread!
  • Mary: ...
  • Player: ...
  • Paul: Before Jack locked us up, I saw him using the Icelord to ice his Gingerbread Gnomes. They did a great job of absorbing his breath.
  • Player: ...
  • Mary: ...
  • Paul: You'll need to make a Gingerbread Gnome big enough to absorb the Icelord's breath.
  • Player: How am I going to do that?
  • Paul: Our usual recipe uses: one cinnamon, one ginger, one flour and one egg, we put them into that big machine you see to your left.
  • Paul: Try using more of each ingredient till you get the right combination? Possibly tripling the amount of each ingredient might work.
  • Player: This is such a ridiculous idea, guess I have no choice....
  • Paul: Come back to us if you need some more help.
  • (End of dialogue)

Talking to the door without having made the shield.[edit | edit source]

  • Player: What ingredients did I need again?
  • Paul: You'll need ginger, cinnamon, flour and eggs. We usually only use one of each, maybe tripling the amount of each will work.
  • Player: Great thanks, I'll see what I can do.
  • (End of dialogue)

Talking to the door having made the shield.[edit | edit source]

  • Player: So I made the shield, now what?
  • Paul: Fantastic! Now you need to enter the Icelord's cage.
  • Paul: Don't worry, I'm sure this idea will work, just make sure to equip it before you go in.
  • (End of dialogue)

After getting the key from the cage[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I found the key!
  • Paul: That's great! Now hurry up and open the door.
  • Screen fades.
  • You release the bakers and give back their key...
  • If the player frees the bakers without receiving the explaination on how to do so:
    • Player: There you go, unlocked without an issue.
    • Paul: Wow, you managed to do that so quickly! Without any help from us.
    • Mary: You're very impressive, what a coincidence that you knew to make a giant piece of gingerbread to protect yourself.
    • Player: Ha ha, yeah, it was no problem.
    • Mary: Well, thanks for freeing us!
    • (Continues below)
  • If the player was told how to free the bakers:
    • Player: I can't believe that actually worked....
    • Paul: ...Me too, I thought you'd be turned into icing for sure.
    • Player: So you're telling me you weren't even sure it would!?
    • Paul: It worked out didn't it? We're free to continue making Gingerbread Gnomes.
    • Mary: That was extremely reckless, Paul, but you're right, it did work out in the end.
    • Player: ...fine. I should go tell Santa the good news, the bakery is back in operation.
  • Mary: We'll be back in full production in no time!
  • Paul: What do we do about the Icelord in the cage?
  • Mary: Maybe Jack was onto something by using it to ice the Gingerbread Gnomes.
  • Mary: You should take the giant piece of gingerbread you made and show it to Santa, he'll know we're back in business then.
  • Paul: Alright, time for you to go, we need to get back into production.
  • Player is teleported outside of the workshop.
  • (End of dialogue)

Attempting to re-enter the workshop[edit | edit source]

  • Paul: Go away, we're busy trying to catch up.
  • (End of dialogue)

Attempting to enter the workshop after completing the event[edit | edit source]

  • Paul: Go away, we're busy trying to catch up.
  • Player: Just quickly, Santa said you shouldn't use the Icelord to ice your gnomes.
  • Paul: Why not?
  • Player: Something about Icelord saliva not being safe to eat.
  • Paul: Oh, thanks for telling us, we'll go back to using normal icing.
  • (End of dialogue)