Transcript of Rada's journey

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And so the king did stand on high,
Above the heavens they heard him cry,
So those with ears to take heed,
To whom he wished to bequeath,
The most important part of wisdom,
To help with the journey of his son.

The King did lament his son's course,
He didn't know if there was recourse,
Should his son never return,
And he could not yet ever learn,
Of what had happened from this day,
And now his son's future lay.

The years went past but not a word,
About his son he had heard,
A stick did aid, His eyes did fade,
But still no word to him was bade,
As every man must fall to time,
This king no different did decline.

Had the king have seen his son,
He would surely seen him shone,
After many years of travel,
And thinking his journey would unravel,
He led his people through the gloom,
A princely man to which he bloom.

A towering kingdom he has today,
Even though the king would have no way,
To know the future of his son,
At all the trials he had overcome,
He would be happy at the end,
If he could have seen Great Kourend.