Dialogue for Reshi

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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hey!
  • Reshi: Welcome to our camp, adventurer.
    • That sounds lovely, what tune is that?
      • Player: That sounds lovely, what tune is that?
      • Reshi: Oh, this? It's just the beginning of something, still a lot more to come.
      • Player: Does it have a name?
      • Reshi: I s'pose the working title is...'The Doors of Dinh'.
      • (Shows other options)
    • Where are you from?
      • Player: Where are you from?
      • Reshi: We come from Varlamore... We're students of the College of Bards.
      • Player: Oh...
      • Reshi: Or did you want to know where I'm from specifically? My home was destroyed long ago by an evil saltwater deity.
      • Player: Well, that's certainly a dark and tortured backstory. Say, have you slain any dragons? Wooed a beautiful princess? Sought revenge on the fiend who killed your family?
      • Reshi: ...Dragons? Slain. Princesses? Wooed... but revenge, that's still brewing.
      • Player: Huh, well... Fair enough.
      • (Shows other options)
    • I have to go.
      • Player: I have to go.
      • Reshi: See you around, adventurer.
      • (End of dialogue)