Dialogue for Rewards Guardian

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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hi.
  • Rewards Guardian: Greetings. What wisdom do you seek?
    • Who are you?
      • Player: Who are you?
      • Rewards Guardian: Me? I'm here to grant you rewards for any of the Pizazz Points you may have earned in this training arena. Like my fellow Guardians, I am part of the arena and live to ensure its safe running.
      • Player: I see.
      • (Shows previous options)
    • Can I trade my Pizazz Points please?
    • Got anything else I can buy?
      • Player: Got anything else I can buy?
      • Rewards Guardian: Well, we do stock a special book that you may be interested in, which provides a comprehensive guide to this training arena. It costs 200 coins. Would you like one?
        • If the player does not own an Arena book:
          • That sounds useful. Yes please.
            • Player: That sounds useful. Yes please.
            • Rewards Guardian: Very good, that'll be 200 coins please!
              • If the player has at least 200 coins:
                • Player receives Arena book.
                • Rewards Guardian: Thank you.
                  • (Shows previous-to-previous options)
              • If the player has less than 200 coins:
                • Player: Sorry, I don't have enough money.
                • (End of dialogue)
          • I don't want some dusty old book.
            • Player: I don't want some dusty old book.
            • Rewards Guardian: It's not old and it certainly isn't dusty, but suit yourself.
            • (End of dialogue)
        • If the player does own an Arena book:
          • Player: No thanks, I already have one.
          • Rewards Guardian: Let me know if you lose it.
          • (End of dialogue)
    • Thanks, bye!
      • Player: Thanks, bye!
      • Rewards Guardian: Use what you've learned, young one.
      • (End of dialogue)