Dialogue for Rimae Sirsalis

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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello there.
  • Rimae Sirsalis: Welcome to the clothes store. How might I help you?
  1. Player: What can you sell me?
  2. Player: It's a very interesting island you have here.
    • Rimae Sirsalis: Why thank you. It's been our haven for a great many generations.
    • Player: Everything seems to have a magical feel to it.
    • Rimae Sirsalis: Of course. We integrate magic into all areas of our lives. It is a part of everyone, so why deny it? It's best to make the most of this innate gift we have all been given.
    • Player: What sort of things do you use your magic for?
    • Rimae Sirsalis: Take a look around. We use it in our day to day lives, from making a cup of tea, to travelling around the island. You see our ancestors were the ones that found the first rune essence and put it to use! The various
    • Rimae Sirsalis: factions were eventually created, with people having different ideas on how the essence should be used (or not in some cases!)
    • Player: What has kept you so secluded on this island?
    • Rimae Sirsalis: It may be a bit beyond you, but although magic comes from within, we are all very strongly linked to the moon and the effects it has on us cannot be denied!
    • Player: It can't?
    • Rimae Sirsalis: Of course not. This very island has a great link to our moon, which helps us understand ourselves - especially our dreams, which is the path to understanding magic.
    • Player: I think I will just have to take your word on that.
  3. Player: I'm good thanks, bye.