Dialogue for Rind the gardener

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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Rind the gardener: Come to visit my garden then, have you, human?
    • This is your garden?
      • Player: This is your garden?
      • Rind the gardener: No no, not quite. But I do look after it. It's the palace garden, you see. I keep it tidy, keep it living.
      • Rind the gardener: It's hard to grow much on these hard rocks deep beneath these mountains, you know.
      • Player: I can imagine. Where do you get all your food from? Or even the soil for this garden?
      • Rind the gardener: We can grow a little food underground, but most of it comes from the extensive steamcart network that runs beneath the earth.
      • Rind the gardener: In the Era of Kings, many centuries ago, it was harder of course. Our steam technology was not developed as far yet and getting fresh supplies of food was always a problem.
      • Rind the gardener: Oh, I'm not boring you, am I?
        • Not at all!
          • Player: Not at all! Please, go on!
          • Rind the gardener: Oh yes, as I was saying, it was difficult to make a decent living here. I'm afraid this garden was rather neglected during that time.
          • Player: Why did you dwarves stay so deep under ground, then? Why not simply go above ground?
          • Rind the gardener: What, with the wars raging up there?
          • Rind the gardener: We dwarves went underground a long time ago, see. For a while the city of Keldagrim was completely cut off from the rest of Gielinor simply waiting out the wars of the humans and the gods.
          • Rind the gardener: This made it hard, though, to determine when the wars above the ground were over. Perhaps Keldagrim had remained hidden for far too long.
          • Rind the gardener: Only when King Alvis heroically defended the city against an invasion of trolls did we dare to venture out and see how much the world had changed.
          • Rind the gardener: Of course, after that...
          • Rind the gardener: Ah well, enough history lessons I should say. I must really get back to my gardening.
          • Player: Thanks for the info!
          • (End of dialogue)
        • A little, yes.
          • Player: A little, yes. I don't really know what all this has to do with anything.
          • Rind the gardener: I suppose it doesn't, really, it's just the mumblings of an old dwarf.
          • (End of dialogue)
    • Not really, no.
      • Player: Not really, no.
      • Rind the gardener: Oh, alright then.
      • (End of dialogue)

After delivering the letter during Forgettable Tale...[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I've delivered your letter to Elstan, he told me to give you his regards.
  • Rind the gardener: Wonderful, that's just wonderful! Here, have these two seeds as a reward. They may not be Kelda hop seeds, but you should be able to grow a decent amount of herbs with them.
  • Player receives 2 marrentil seeds.
  • (End of dialogue)