Dialogue for Rufus

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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hi!
  • Rufus: Grrreetings frrriend! Welcome to my worrrld famous food emporrium! All my meats are so frrresh you'd swear you killed them yourrrself!
  1. Player: Why do you only sell meats?
    • Rufus: What? Why, what else would you want to eat? What kind of lycanthrrrope are you anyway?
    • Player: ...A vegetarian one?
    • Rufus: Vegetarrrian...?
    • Player: Never mind.
  2. Player: Do you sell cooked food?
    • Rufus: Cooked food? Who would want that? You lose all the flavourrr of the meat when you can't taste the blood!
  3. Player: Can I buy some food?
    • Rufus: Cerrrtainly!