Dialogue for Sir Jerro

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During Underground Pass[edit | edit source]

  • If the player has not received food from any of the paladins
    • Player: Hello Paladin. I wasn't expecting to see anyone else down here.
    • Sir Jerro: Nor were we traveller. What are you doing in this most unholy place?
    • Player: I'm looking for a safe route through these caverns, under order of King Lathas.
    • Sir Jerro: Ah, the king tasked us with the same mission. Alas, a little further on lies the great doors of Iban. We've tried everything, but we cannot enter.
    • Sir Jerro: Anyway, you've done well to get this far traveller. Here eat...
    • (Player receives two loaves of bread.)
    • (Player receives two meat pies.)
    • (Player receives a stew.)
    • (Player receives an attack potion (2).)
    • (Player receives a prayer potion (2).)
    • Player: Great, thanks a lot.
    • (End of dialogue)
  • If the player has received food from any of the paladins
    • Sir Jerro: Hello again traveller. You should consider leaving this place. Let us handle things here.
    • (End of dialogue)