Dialogue for Sir Percival

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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • King Percival: You missed all the excitement!
  • King Percival: I got here and agreed to take over duties as king here, then before my eyes the most miraculous changes occured here... grass and trees were growing outside before our very eyes!
  • King Percival: Thank you very much for showing me the way home.
  • (End of dialogue)

Treasure Trails[edit | edit source]

Hard[edit | edit source]

  • King Percival: Ah! Here you go!
  • Player: What?
  • King Percival: I need you to answer this for me.
  • Player receives a challenge scroll.
  • King Percival has given you a challenge scroll!
  • (End of dialogue)

When talked to again:

  • King Percival: Please tell me your answer.
  • When given the wrong answer:
    • King Percival: Nope, Go check again!
    • (End of dialogue)
  • When given the correct answer:
    • King Percival: Please tell me your answer.
    • King Percival: Spot on!
    • Player receives [another clue scroll/a casket].
    • King Percival has given you [another clue scroll/a casket]!
    • (End of dialogue)