Dialogue for Sraracha

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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Player: So what kind of spider are you...?
  • Sraracha: The hive cluster is under attack!
  • Player: Erm, I think the attack is over. I have already killed your queen.
  • Sraracha: Then we should spawn more overlords!
  • (End of dialogue)

If the player uses a newspaper on it[edit | edit source]

  • Sraracha: Don't you dare!
  • (End of dialogue)

Overhead dialogue[edit | edit source]

This dialogue is only triggered when Sraracha is battling another pet in the arena in the Menagerie.

  • Sraracha: *slap*
  • Sraracha: Grrr!
  • Sraracha: Grrrr!
  • Sraracha: Grarrr!