Dialogue for Tegdak

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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Tegdak: Hello [player name]! Thanks again for your help with the dig.
    • What have you learned about the artefacts we dug up?
    • A random dialogue will be selected every time Tegdak is spoken to:
      • Random dialogue 1
        • Tegdak: Bartak used the design of the shield you extracted to recreate a shield like it. Even though the original shield was poorly made, the design itself was a good one.
        • Tegdak: Perhaps there is some important knowledge that we have lost since the early, more war-like days of Dorgesh- Kaan.
      • Random dialogue 2
        • Tegdak: The helmet you helped to unearth has come in useful. I used it as a visual aid when I went to talk to the children in the nursery about our history.
        • Tegdak: It's amazing that the ancient goblins' eyes were even smaller than a child's!
      • Random dialogue 3
        • Tegdak: Oldak examined the axe blade you dug up and found that it had a faint magical aura. It looks like the mace wasn't the only magical weapon our ancestors brought from the surface.
        • Tegdak: In fact, it could be that a lot of their equipment was magical. This means that either the ancient goblins were skilled magical craftsmen, or some other power was supplying them with magical equipment.
      • Random dialogue 4
        • Tegdak: We used the armour fragment you unearthed to reconstruct the shape of the original armour, and with it the shape of the goblin who wore the armour.
        • Tegdak: This told us a lot about how the goblin body shape changed from its surface form to that of the cave goblins.
      • Random dialogue 4
        • Tegdak: When we examined the sword you dug up, we found that the blade is covered in tiny symbols.
        • Tegdak: The scribe thinks he has enough of them to begin understanding the ancient goblin language, but it will take a while for him to decipher them.
    • I lost the ancient goblin mace
      • Player: I lost the ancient goblin mace.
      • Tegdak: I know. Zanik says she found it lying around in the caves near the city, almost as if it had made its way back here and wanted her to find it.
      • Tegdak: If you want it back, I will sell it to you for 1,000 coins. That should discourage you from losing it again.
        • Okay
          • Player: Okay.
          • Tegdak hands you the ancient goblin mace.
          • Tegdak: Look after it well. All the goblins who have handled it say it made them feel uneasy. We want it kept safe, but we don't want it near the city.
        • No way
          • Player: No way!
          • Tegdak: Suit yourself.