Transcript of The shadow realm

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Lord Drakan has tasked me with learning more about the shadow realm and to aid in this task, I've been given a dark beast. The creatures[sic] natural connection with the shadows should make the task far easier.

Experiment 1[edit | edit source]

Success! The creature has managed to connect to the other side and early telepathic intrusions show that they've made contact. It's too early to say who wishes to communicate with us but the connection will be stronger next time, I'll just need to make some alterations to the creature

'Closer! - Or at least, that is what it sounds like...

Experiment 2[edit | edit source]

Incredible! My alterations were just what was needed to give the creature more power to move freely beyond realms and it has returned with yet another message.

'Abandon deeper, the tortured experiment won! Trapped! Follow within the shadows voice.'

Peculiar non-sense, but I assume there must've been some kind of interference. Perhaps the owner of this voice has been trapped on the other side? I'll send the creature back, but with a message!

'Who are you?'

Experiment 3[edit | edit source]

Perfect! The creature has managed to gather an answer from the other side, but again the answer has been mangled into obscurity. I believe everything is in place now for the final practical test! I will travel with the creature and ask this mysterious being about the secrets of the shadow realm. Lord Drakan will be most impressed with my findings, I can already taste the blood prize and it is delicious.