Transcript of Tomb (Dragon Slayer II)

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First interface[edit | edit source]

Here lies Camorra Shayzien

Founder of Shayzien House.

Second interface[edit | edit source]

It was on that fateful day that they met, the heroes Robert, Camorra, Tristan and Aivas. They came from across the land to sit at the round table and plan their victory. Camorra came from the town of Saranthium and sat next to the one with a crossbow. The one from Zartharim sat at the north of the table, opposite the one with the sword. The one with an axe asked the one to their right what the journey from Karville was like. Suddenly, Aivas stood up, surprising the one from Arkney on his left. Tristan was showing off his sword when the bow wielder next to him called for silence. By the end of the night the plan had been made and they prepared for the wars to come. But who sat where?