Dialogue for Uurrak quo Narga

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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello, who are you?
  • Uurrak quo Narga: Greetings human. I am Uurrak quo Narga, a guardian for the Kahlith. Have you come to serve the balance?
    • Yes.
      • Player: Yes.
      • Uurrak quo Narga: Then you should speak to Konar quo Maten. She will guide you.
      • (End of dialogue)
    • No.
      • Player: No.
      • Uurrak quo Narga: A shame. You are a bringer of death, you could be of great use to the balance.
      • (End of dialogue)
    • I'm not sure.
      • Player: I'm not sure.
      • Uurrak quo Narga: Then you should speak with Xorrah quo Sihar. He will show you the way.
      • (End of dialogue)