Dialogue for Weast side49

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Overhead dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Before attempting to run past the Bolt Traps:
    • weast side49: How am I supposed to get past this?
  • When getting hit by a bolt:
    • weast side49: Gah!
  • After making past the Bolt Traps (random):
    • weast side49: Did that owl statue just move?
    • weast side49: I can't wait until I get full graceful, then I can head back to the rooftop courses.
    • weast side49: I wonder if the Hallowed grapple is worth it?
    • weast side49: I wish I could trade Hallowed marks in for amylase crystals.
    • weast side49: Two pieces dyed, four more to go!
    • weast side49: Well, this is definitely more difficult than training on rooftop courses.