Dialogue for Yrsa

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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Yrsa: Hi. You wanted to buy some clothes? Or did you want to makeover your shoes?
    • I'd like to buy some clothes
    • I'd like to change my shoes
      • Yrsa: It costs 500 coins to change your shoe colour. Just select what colour you would like from this catalogue, and then give me the 500 gold when you've picked.
      • If the player has at least 500 coins:
      • If the player does not have at least 500 coins:
        • Player: I don't have 500 gold on me...
        • Yrsa: That's ok! Just come back when you do have it!
        • (End of dialogue)
    • Neither thanks
      • Player: Neither thanks.
      • Yrsa: As you wish.
      • (End of dialogue)