Dialogue for Zul-Areth

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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Zul-Areth: It's not often that we see more humans in this place.
    • How did you come to be here?
      • Player: How did you come to be here?
      • Zul-Areth: General Hining sent us out in a scouting party. We got separated from the rest, and became completely lost. Soon we ran out of rations.
      • Zul-Areth: Eventually we stumbled upon this place. They saw we were starving, and allowed us to eat of their sacred eels if we vowed to serve Zulrah.
      • Zul-Areth: Since then, we've settled here. We went back up north once, to see how the king's campaign was going, but they drove us out of the camp, calling us unclean.
      • Zul-Areth: It's probably the sacred eels that did it. They change you, you know. Once you've tasted them, you're part of the tribe forever.
      • Player: Thanks.
      • (End of dialogue)
    • I'm off.
      • Player: I'm off.
      • (End of dialogue)