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Raw text, dont know how to format the page properly[edit source]

A bit of dialogue for the dialogue page, but i'm not sure how to format. I missed a bit near the end.

after the initial cut scene in desert treasure, these options appear:

malak: A human, Eh? Give me one good reason why I should not just take you to Lord Drakan now. Malak: You had better make it a good one too, or you will not survive the night, I'll wager.

Options: I am here to worship Zamorak I am here to praise Lord Drakan I am here to worship you, oh mighty Malak I am here to kill Lord Drakan I am looking for a special Diamond...

Player: I am here to worship the almighty Zamorak! Yay! Go Zamorak! Malak: I see. You are a moron. You have probably settled right in with the rest of the idiots in this pathetic excuse for a village. Malak: Unforunately for you, that is not a good enough reason to explain your presence here. Malak: Now tell me the reason for your coming here, or I will ensure you suffer a horrible fate indeed.

Player: I am here only to serve the mighty Drakan. Yep, Drakan, he's the man. Malak: I see. I would perhaps be more inclined to believe you if I could not smell the death blood of his brother Draynor upon you (presumably because I have completed the quest Vampire Slayer) Malak: What are your real intentions here?

Player: I came here looking for you, oh mighty Malak, so that I might serve your glory! Malak: Please. Do not think that I am so vain and foolish as to allow you to avoid my question with such obvious sycophancy. Malak: Now tell me the reason behind your being here, or I will ensure that you suffer.

Player: I am here to kill Lord Drakan, and every stinking one of hid vampyre brood! Malak: Hah! Most entertaining, human! Malak: Now tell me the reason you are here, or we shall see who will be killing whom.

Player: I am here looking for a special diamond... I have reason to believe it is somewhere in this vacinity, and it is probably in the hands of a warrior of zamorak. Player: I am fairly sure it will have some kind of magical aura or something too. I Don't suppose you've seen it, or know where it might be? Malak: Interesting... Well perhaps we can come to a little... arrangement, human. Malak: I may have information that may assist you, but in turn you will have to do something for me. What do you say? Do you think we could come to some form of agreement? Player: What kind of agreement? no offense, but you're not exactly the trustworthy type... Malak: ah, you have a healthy sense of paranoia, I see. It is not a particularly unfair request on my part... Malak: All i ask is that you ensure that the current owner of the diamond is killed. For my part, i will let you know his whereabouts, and how exactly to kill him. Malak: When he is dead, you may take the diamond from his corpse and do with it what you will. I have no interest in such baubles. Malak: So what say you? A life for a diamond. As a mark of good faith, I will give you some information free: Malak: The current owner of the diamond is named Dessous.

Agree? Yes/no

Player: Well... I can't see any drawback. Okay, I'll accept your offer. Now tell me what you know. Malak: What I know? Hah! After you have been alive as long as I, the things I know are enough to fill a library. Malak: I'm afraid you'll have to be a little more specific

Player: I don't trust you, or anything you say. I'm afraid I have to decline. Malak: As you wish human. I doubt anybody near here knows of the diamond you seek, however. Malak: If you wish to claim is at your own, you have little choice but to accept my bargain. I will wait here until such time as you change your mind.